Sunday, April 11

From concept to commercial product, the Razer smart goggle becomes a reality

Microphones, amplifiers, fans, RGB lighting … Razer’s smart mask will finally be marketed.

After the reusable straw, the RGB mask. We had discovered this mask in the form of a concept presented at CES 2021. Razer has just confirmed its desire to market it.

An N95 mask full of gadgets

It is a reusable N95 mask, a particle protection mask with a filter, the European equivalent of FFP2. Razer has obviously integrated its technologies, but above all worked on ergonomics to make it as practical as possible.

Thus, the Razer Hazel goggle has a transparent front so as not to cover the face, which allows for better communication. Breathing is done by two replaceable filters and real ventilators. Again, Razer requires, the filters are surrounded by two circles of RGB LEDs customizable by Razer Chroma. For the comfort at the level of the ears, Razer thought of adaptable buckles according to the size of the head.

The fans are detachable and rechargeable, users should be notified via a mobile companion app. However, Razer still does not indicate autonomy.

Integrated microphones and amplifiers

That’s not all, of course, there are also built-in microphones and amplifiers to project your voice through the mask. According to The Verge, Razer worked with its THX sound engineers to strike a balance in speaker volume for accessibility purposes.

For the moment, there is no question of a tariff. Razer is in the process of finalizing its product before obtaining the necessary certifications for its commercialization.

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