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from 4K to 8K, the best QLED TVs are on sale

Until November 15, Samsung is offering discounts on its best QLED TVs. You can take advantage of free soundbars, as well as refunds of up to 15% of the final price.

For a few years now, Samsung has established itself in the television market, especially with its QLED screen technology. This competes with OLED technology, in particular by offering very high peaks of brightness or lower power consumption.

Until November 15, these are the best QLED TVs that are in promotion on the Samsung site. There is something for everyone: from 4K to 8K, 55 or 65 inches. In any case, they are excellent televisions, and fully compatible with future consoles thanks to HDMI 2.1.

What are QLED TVs?

QLED is a technology from Samsung for its high-end televisions. It resumes the same operation as LCD televisions, but by adding a film of nanocrystals between the backlighting system and the LCD panel. This film dramatically increases overall brightness while expanding the color space. Thus, QLED TVs offer a bright picture with excellent color spectrum coverage.

QLED TVs also benefit from good anti-glare filters, allowing you to get the most out of content viewed even in broad daylight. Finally, they generally have a low response time, which makes their use perfectly suited to video games. Especially since the televisions that we are going to present to you have an HDMI 2.1 port, the standard required to play in 4K at 120 frames per second with the Xbox Series X and PS5.

Savings of over 1,400 euros on the Samsung QLED 55Q95T TV at 1,529 euros with free sound bar

The Samsung Q95T TV is the quintessential high-end model of the 2020 QLED 4K series. This TV enjoys excellent picture quality, with vivid colors and super high brightness. It is a very versatile device: it is therefore perfect for watching television during the day, for watching films at night or for playing video games. Its processor also does a great job in adapting the picture and sound to the environment and in upscalant content to 4K. On the design side, Samsung had the excellent idea of ​​integrating a One Connect remote box. This allows the cable management to be hidden in a cabinet, with a single cable coming out of the TV. In short, you will understand, Samsung has thought of everything to offer the best possible experience.

Usually offered at a price of 2499 euros on the Samsung site, the 55Q95T (55-inch) QLED TV is currently on sale for 1799 euros. In addition, a Samsung HW-Q60T soundbar worth 499 euros is offered. And as if that weren’t enough, Samsung is also offering a refund representing 15% of the purchase value, or 269 euros. To enjoy, just fill out a refund offer on this page. This drops the price to 1529 euros.

More than 600 euros in savings on the Samsung QLED 55Q80T TV at 1274 euros with free sound bar

The Samsung QLED 55Q80T TV shares many things in common with the Q95T, starting with its 4K definition. As for the differences, they allow it to significantly lower its price. Thus, the maximum brightness of the Q80T is slightly lower than its big brother. It doesn’t benefit from anti-reflective coating as sophisticated as the 55Q95T or the One Connect box. Beyond these few differences, the Q80T remains an excellent television, with very good image quality and the same image processing processor. It is also very versatile, and is ideal for different uses: TV, film and video game.

Samsung QLED 55Q80T (55-inch) TV is priced at 1499 euros on the Samsung site, with a free S series soundbar. Its value can reach 399 euros. Here again, it is possible to take advantage a refund representing 15% of the purchase value, or 224 euros. The total price thus increases to 1274 euros.

This same offer is valid on the 65-inch version of the TV, the Samsung QLED 65Q80T. Its price goes to 1699 euros after the 15% cashback offer, and still with a complimentary S-Series soundbar.

The Samsung 8K 65Q800T TV at 3399 euros with a The Frame TV or a sound bar offered

If you have the budget, why not already go for an 8K TV? Even if the contents to take advantage of this definition are still scarce, the Quantum Processor 8K is capable ofupscaler the signal to 8K in order to take full advantage of this television. In the end, the image is extremely precise and pleasant to watch. On the rest of the technical sheet, the Q800T incorporates the characteristics of high-end Samsung televisions, such as the very effective anti-reflective filter, the presence of an HDMI 2.1 port or even the very high brightness peak.

The Samsung 8K 65Q800T TV is priced at 3999 euros on the Samsung site, but two offers make the purchase more attractive. First of all, he is eligible for the 15% refund offer, thus lowering its price to 3399 euros. Ensuite, an HW-Q800T sound bar (value of 799 euros) or a television The 43-inch Frame (value of 1099 euros) is offered. Enough to significantly improve your home cinema installation.

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