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French handwriting recognition is coming

Available in English and Chinese since its announcement, the Scribble function which brings multiple advantages to handwriting on iPad is now available in French with the beta of iPadOS 14.5.

Handwriting recognition on iPadOS 14

Handwriting recognition on iPadOS 14

All French iPad users will be delighted. With the deployment of iPadOS 14.5 beta, the Scribble (Scribble in English) is enriched with new languages ​​including French, but also German, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese.

Apple Pencil will thus be able to understand your writings in the language of Molière and apply to them the multiple functionalities provided for in the latest operating system for iPad.

Your writing in French is converted into typed text

With iPadOS 14.5, you’ll be able to convert your French writing to typed text in any input field, even the Spotlight search engine. The Pencil is able to recognize your handwriting in each text box and transform it to easily fill files, especially PDFs.

L’option Smart Selection can now be used to select home written text, a word or an entire sentence. Just double tap the screen for a word, three times for a whole sentence. Copy and paste is also possible with French words in a handwritten note. The copied text will be converted to typed text when pasted.

Handwritten research available

With French now taken into account, the intelligence embedded in iOS 14 can recognize addresses, emails, phone numbers and other information written with Apple Pencil in a note. You can then use them in different ways. The handwritten text search is also available in French.

Handwriting recognition in iPadOS

Handwriting recognition on iPadOS // Gamesdone: Apple

To use Griffonner in French, it must be the language of your main virtual keyboard on the iPad. If you have keyboards in different languages, you will be able to switch between them.

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