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Free wants to turn on its network this weekend

5G in Paris is just a matter of weeks, if not days. For Free Mobile, the goal is to turn on the antennas this weekend if possible.

Free Mobile 5G

Free Mobile 5G // Gamesdone: Frandroid

While 5G is deployed around the world, some cities are still resistant to the arrival of this new generation of mobile network. Paris, the French capital, is one of them, but it is now only a matter of days before its inhabitants can fully benefit from it.

Free Mobile wants to turn on its 5G network quickly

Earlier this month, Free Mobile confirmed that it was only a matter of days before its 5G was available in Paris. This time limit is now a little more precise.

During the presentation of its annual results on Tuesday, March 16, the operator said, through the voice of Nicolas Reynaud, CEO of the company, to have “signed the mobile telephony charter with the City of Paris“, Thus promising to open its network”in the next few days, maybe this weekend“. Subscribers of the fourth operator may therefore be able to take advantage of this very soon to occupy their possible confinement.

For its part, Orange had also signaled that 5G would be available in Paris by the end of March.

A blanket to be fleshed out

Nicolas Reynaud recalled that a certain number of sites are already equipped to broadcast 5G, but that “the presence in 100% of the Parisian arrondissements will depend on the pace of issuance of authorizations“. For ecological and economic issues, operators have new obligations to recycle and reuse their infrastructure and their customers’ terminals, but also a duty to inform the population about the impacts of 5G.

Remember that Free has already activated nearly 600 sites across France on the new 3.5 GHz band, but relies heavily on its 700 MHz band (also used by 4G) to offer an extended network quickly.

If you are a Free Mobile customer, remember that it is necessary to activate the 5G option in your account settings.

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