Tuesday, April 13

#FrandroidOffreMoi an Amazon Echo 2020

December 24 is fast approaching and our #FrandroidOffreMoi Advent calendar is not weakening. Today, it is a fourth generation Amazon Echo that is involved!

Day 15 #FrandroidOffreMoi

Day 15 of the #FrandroidOffreMoi Advent calendar

Top hearts ! Although rotten, the year 2020 will not spoil the fun of the holiday season. The #FrandroidOffreMoi Advent calendar continues on our social networks!

Find us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to try to win a gift with this contest.

Day 15: an Amazon Echo

Over the years, our homes have become more and more connected, and speakers with an intelligent assistant are at the heart of this process. Among the flagship products of this sector, we cannot not mention the Amazon Echo, in this case of the fourth generation (2020).

Thanks to this device that we are sharing with our community, you will be able to enjoy the full power of Alexa just by using your voice.

How to win the Amazon Echo?

To try to win this Amazon Echo, you will have to enter the contest on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram… or all three. This will allow you to increase your chances of winning.

On Twitter

To participate on Twitter, follow Frandroid and AmazonNewsFR on Twitter, retweet and like the tweet below and leave a message with the hashtag “#FrandroidOffreMoi l’Echo 4th Generation”.

On Instagram

On Instagram, the mechanics are quite similar. Follow @frandroid_off and @amazon.fr on the network, like the post and mention a friend in the comments.

Win an Amazon Echo on Instagram

On Facebook

On Facebook, you will need to like the pages of Frandroid and D’Amazon.fr, share the post below and tag a friend in the comments.

Win an Amazon Echo on Facebook

See you tomorrow for another surprise on our #FrandroidOffreMoi Advent calendar!

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