Sunday, January 17

#FrandroidOffreMe James Bond’s smartphone

The #FrandroidOffreMoi Advent calendar continues on social networks. Today, try to win the Nokia 8.3 from James Bond!

Day 11 FrandroidOffreMoi

Day 11 of the #FrandroidOffreMoi Advent calendar

Frandroid’s Advent calendar continues to be in full swing with the #FrandroidOffreMoi contest on our social networks. Every day, we offer a prize to be won and today we open the eleventh box.

Go to Twitter, Facebook or Instagram to participate.

Day 11: James Bond Nokia 8.3

In the upcoming James Bond movie, To die can wait, Agent 007 in the guise of Daniel Craig will still face many enemies and face the greatest dangers. However, in his pocket, he will have a Nokia 8.3 compatible with the 5G network. And that is exactly the model that we are giving you today.

For the end of the year celebrations, you can take yourself for the most famous spy thanks to our Advent calendar.

How to win the Nokia 8.3?

To try to win this Nokia 8.3, you can enter the contest on three social networks: Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Multiply your chances of victory by participating in each of them!

On Twitter

On Twitter, you will have to post a tweet by writing β€œ#FrandroidOffreMoi the smartphone of James Bond”. Don’t forget to like either, retweet our post and follow the account of Frandroid.

On Facebook

To participate on Facebook, just share the contest, from likes the Frandroid and Nokia Mobile pages and to tag a friend in the comments who would like to try their luck also for this gift.

Take part in the Frandroid contest on Facebook

On Instagram

And finally to try to win this gift on Instagram, follow the accounts of Frandroid and Nokia Mobile, share the post in story and mention a friend who will like it.

Enter the Frandroid contest on Instagram

See you tomorrow for a new space on our #FrandroidOffreMoi Advent calendar! What gift will we find there?

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