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Frandroid launches its 5G comparator to help you take the plunge

We’ve been hearing about 5G for ages and 2020 is the year it finally became a reality in France. Depending on your smartphone, your operator and your location, you can get speeds never seen on a mobile network. To help you choose, we have launched a comparator dedicated to 5G.

5G is available in France! After several months of delay, the operators deployed their network and marketed their first offers. Should we rush blindly on it? No. You have to do this once you are well informed. Precisely, we want to guide you.

A special page dedicated to 5G

After our comparator of mobile plans and ADSL / Fiber boxes, we have just put online a 5G comparator. With the latter, we did not just want to list all 5G offers, but also guide you.

What does 5G bring? Is it available near you? Is it dangerous for health? Is your smartphone compatible? On our page dedicated to 5G, you will find numerous reports, the latest news, a selection of the best compatible smartphones as well as an FAQ that answers the main questions you ask yourself.

The central tool is obviously the comparator of 5G packages which references all the offers offered. It is regularly updated and will help you select the one that matches your needs.

The best 5G plans

Free 5G plan – 150 GB / Unlimited

Unlimited calls

Unlimited SMS / MMS

150 Go

Orange Forfait Mobile 5G – 70 Go

Unlimited calls

Unlimited SMS / MMS

70 Go

RED Forfait 5G – 130 Go

5 days

Unlimited calls

Unlimited SMS / MMS

130 Go

All 5G plans

We have already planned to develop it in 2021 with new tools and new files. This deployment will take several years, as you can see the 5G coverage is very sparse at the moment. It therefore seems important to us to inform ourselves and to compare in order to better understand this technology which will upset our daily lives.

To know everything about 5G

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