Tuesday, January 19

Frandroid is developing its Connected Home universe in partnership with Orange

Articles, files, tutorials, tests… To strengthen our universe dedicated to the connected home, we have decided to expand and develop its content. Orange has joined forces with Frandroid to support this change and will be the sole advertiser of this universe.

The year 2020 and its two confinements have demonstrated, if necessary again, the importance of comfort at home and of its installation, both in an office space and in places more traditionally linked to family life such as the living room or the bedroom. The comfort and safety of these living spaces can be greatly improved thanks to the ecosystems of connected objects, some of which are already very popular, such as connected bulbs or smart speakers, and others much less well known.

The increasingly connected home

On Frandroid, we have already been following the news of the connected home for many years by offering you information and tests of consumer products. We decided to go even deeper into the subject by expanding our Connected Home section in order to become a reference for home automation enthusiasts as well as for the uninitiated who would like to get started.

In the coming months, you will be able to read on Frandroid new articles, tests and reports on the different protocols used by home automation objects, on the different products that can equip your home, from robot vacuum cleaners to security cameras and outlets. , lighting or alarms.

As we have done so far on other sections, we want to approach this category with extensive expertise in order to offer you detailed guides, but also popularization that will make these facilities accessible to anyone. We are aware that not everyone is an electrician or a computer engineer and that starting a home automation installation can be scary when you do not know it. You will therefore be supported in this process by advice and opinions from experts for whom home automation now has no secrets.

A unique advertiser

To support this strengthening of our editorial line and the recruitment of new journalists who are experts in the field, we have decided to implement a new business model which has already proven itself within the Humanoid group with Cyber ​​warfare, the Numerama vertical dedicated to cybersecurity. All the advertising space in this section has therefore been reserved for a single advertiser: Orange, which offers connected home protection services.

This choice has been carefully considered in order to find the ideal partner who will inspire you with confidence and ensure total editorial independence of our media, in complete transparency. While our editorial line revolves a lot around product testing, it seemed obvious to us that a service provider was best able to meet this need while ensuring the editorial objectivity of Frandroid to our readership.

We are now looking forward to sharing with you our know-how and our passion for Tech and, more specifically, the connected home.

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