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France welcomes both products

Xiaomi France officially announces the arrival of two connected products: the Mi Watch Lite watch and the Mi Smart Speaker.

Xiaomi Mi Watch Lite et Xiaomi Mi Smart Speaker

Xiaomi Mi Smart Speaker et Xiaomi Mi Watch Lite // Gamesdone : Xiaomi

Xiaomi France is wasting no time to start its year 2021 and announces the launch of two new products for France: the Mi Watch Lite and the Mi Smart Speaker.

The Xiaomi Mi Watch Lite for sports

The officialization of the Xiaomi Mi Watch Lite dates back to the beginning of December 2020, but the brand had not yet indicated which countries would benefit from the connected watch. It is now done for the French market.

Xiaomi Mi Watch Lite

La Xiaomi Mi Watch Lite // Gamesdone : Xiaomi

The Mi Watch Lite highlights the integration of a GPS and its ability to indicate altitude and atmospheric pressure. Obviously, the connected watch also intends to act as a sports coach by supporting users in their physical exercises – eleven different activities are also recognized by the system “including outdoor running, treadmill, outdoor and indoor cycling, trekking and pool swimming ».

Sleep and heart rate monitoring are also part of the game. Please note, however, that the SpO2 measurement is not within the capabilities of the Xiaomi Mi Watch Lite. “Among other features, the watch displays notifications with emoji, weather notifications, clock and alarm», Writes the French subsidiary of the mark in its press release.

In addition, it should be remembered that this connected watch offers a 1.4 inch screen with a definition of 320 x 320 pixels. Five dials are offered by default, while the 230 mAh battery promises a battery life of up to 9 days.

The Xiaomi Mi Smart Speaker for the home

This connected speaker was expected for a few weeks, here it is now officially launched in France. The Xiaomi Mi Smart Speaker is compatible with Google Assistant to answer your voice requests, but also to control other connected objects in your home.

Xiaomi Mi Smart Speaker

La Xiaomi Mi Smart Speaker // Gamesdone : Xiaomi

Music is also in the spotlight and the company touts the 12W speaker and DTS format support. You can also count on compatibility with music streaming services like Spotify, Deezer or YouTube Music.

On the ergonomic side, we are dealing here with a connected speaker with a touch panel and a light ring above. The latter is used to show when the Mi Smart Speaker is performing a task through “pulsations in different color combinations“. Xiaomi also wants to emphasize the metallic finish for an elegant appearance. This metal design is also believed to limit vibration for better audio quality.

Price and availability of Xiaomi Mi Watch Lite and Mi Smart Speaker

You can buy the Mi Watch Lite in France for a suggested price of 69.99 euros. However, if you get it between January 8 and January 24, you’ll get a 20 euros (49.99 euros) discount. Three colors are available: white, blue and black.

For its part, the Xiaomi Mi Smart Speaker is announced at the official price of 59.99 euros in France, but the connected speaker also benefits from an introductory offer – running from January 6 to 20 – bringing this price down to 49, 99 euros.

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