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France could give the green light as early as March

Wi-Fi 6E, which will use a 6 GHz frequency band, could be approved by the French authorities before spring 2021. A quick authorization that was not won: this new Wi-Fi standard requiring harmonization at the level European.

France could give green light to gradual adoption of Wi-Fi 6E before next spring

France could give the green light to the gradual adoption of Wi-Fi 6E before next spring // Gamesdone: Praveen kumar Mathivanan – Unsplash

The adoption of Wi-Fi 6E in France is on track, but as our colleagues from 01net, it was not an easy task. Because if this new home wireless network standard allows better performance (reduced latency and better speeds, in particular), it uses a 6 GHz frequency band to do this. Between 5945 and 6425 MHz, it is precisely this band that was the problem.

The latter is in fact used by microwave links, but is also very close to the frequencies used by the CBTC (communication based train control) system for rail signaling. So many obstacles to the rapid adoption of Wi-Fi 6E on the old continent.

Wi-Fi 6E: a French kickoff from March?

In November 2020, a European consultation had nevertheless made it possible to reach a consensus, after three years of technical work and numerous proposals. It is thanks to this agreement that France should be able to give the green light to the new Wi-Fi standard, from the end of the first quarter of 2021.

Contacted by 01net, a spokesperson for ANFR (The National Frequency Agency) specified that ” lhe changes to the National Frequency Bands Distribution Table (TNRBF) were already adopted by the ANFR Board of Directors last November ».“They will soon lead to the publication of an order from the Prime Minister. Arcep will therefore be able to transpose the harmonized framework very quickly after March ”, he continued.

Still, Wi-Fi 6E is still an emerging technology. Currently the boxes of the various French operators do not use this standard. High-end smartphones equipped with the Snapdragon 888 SoC will nevertheless be compatible, as will the recent Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G. The iPhone 13, expected in the fall of 2021, should also support Wi-Fi 6E. Recently, at CES 2021, several brands also presented their first Wi-Fi 6E compatible laptops, for example the case of Razer. Intel had finally presented, at the end of 2020, a first M.2 Wi-Fi 6E modem card for PC: the AX210.

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