Sunday, January 24

Fossil launches a version of its Hybrid HR watch for small wrists

The Fossil Hybrid HR watch is available in a Monroe version more suited to small wrists, especially women, while retaining its e-ink screen and real hands.

The Fossil Hybrid Monroe HR watch

The Fossil Hybrid Monroe HR watch // Gamesdone: Fossil

A little over a year ago, Fossil surprised with the launch of a very special connected watch, the Fossil Hybrid HR. The manufacturer has decided to go a little further with this concept and now offers it in a format more suitable for small wrists.

It must be said that with its 22 mm strap and the 42 x 13 mm thick case, Fossil’s watch had a rather imposing look, more suited to large wrists, especially men, than to thinner ones. This is now fixed with the launch of the Fossil Hybrid Monroe HR.

The watch is in fact a design very close to the model launched last year with a case of similar dimensions, silver, gold or copper. It is especially at the level of the strap that the differences will be played out, since the Monroe version comes with a much thinner strap of 12 mm, against 22 mm for the previous models.

A watch with real hands and an e-ink screen

In terms of functionality, here too the Fossil Hybrid Monroe HR watch is identical to the classic version, since we find the system specific to the Hybrid HR with an e-ink screen providing up to two weeks of autonomy. The watch is indeed equipped with a real dial with physical hands, but the back of the dial is in fact a screen which will allow you to interact with the different functions of the watch. The Fossil Hybrid Monroe HR allows you to measure heart rate, track your sleep, or record training sessions.

The Fossil Hybrid HR watch is available in two versions depending on the type of strap: in leather at 199 euros, or in steel at 219 euros.

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