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For mobile or Switch, a 400 GB microSD for less than 85 euros cannot be refused

Lack of storage space is the bane of the digital age. The microSD card is therefore an essential accessory for large data consumers, from games on Switch to videos on smartphones. So you risk getting yourself one last Christmas gift with this SanDisk 400 GB microSD card at -55%!

If you need storage space, you must definitely stop by this Good Plan. This Sandisk Extreme Pro 400 GB microSDXC memory card usually priced at 184.99 euros takes a slap in the face. -55% on Amazon.

La Sandisk Extreme Pro 400 Go en bref

  • 400 GB in one go
  • Up to 170 MB / s read (104 MB / s insured) and 90 MB / s write
  • Value for money

The Sandisk Extreme Pro 400 GB microSDXC memory card is a perfect product to increase the storage space of your Switch, smartphone, tablet, laptop or camera. Its capacity of 400 GB is displayed with a reduction of 101 euros, for a canon price of 83.99 euros on Amazon.

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The Sandisk Extreme Pro 400 GB microSDXC card has a certified transfer speed of 104 MB / s. Impeccable performance to install your favorite video games or chain 4K videos.

SDXC (eXtended Capacity) cards offer the largest storage capacities and the best performance. Several pieces of information can help you understand them. Thus, the certification “A»Tells us about the number of inputs / outputs per second (IOPS). An A1 certified card corresponds to a minimum of 1500 read and 500 write IOPS. The one presented here is an A2, which means 4000 read IOPS and 2000 write at least.

Another important piece of information is the “class” of a card. It is graduated from 4 to 10. Those of class 10 are called Ultra High Speed ​​or UHS. They provide transfer rates of 104 MB / s for UHS-I (like this one) and 624 MB / s for a UHS-III product.

Finally, the mention V30 ensures a minimum write speed of 30 MB / s, ideal for recording or playing 4K videos for example or minimizing loading times in a video game.

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