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For E3, Nvidia is offering 3 days priority subscription to Geforce Now

Nvidia continues to promote its cloud gaming service with an ever-increasing supply of games. During this period of E3 and Summer Game Fest, you can benefit from 3 days of subscription for free. Here is how to do it.

Nvidia GeForce Now

Nvidia GeForce Now // Gamesdone : Nvidia

Officially launched at the beginning of 2020 after many months of Beta, Nvidia’s streaming game service, Geforce Now, has continued to gain in power by the constant addition of games to its catalog and ever more compatibility on many devices during E3 and Summer Game Fest, Nvidia invites you to try the service for free, via priority access for 3 days.

What is a priority subscription to Geforce Now?

  • Direct access to games without queuing
  • No time limit
  • the contribution of RTX to compatible games

Until June 15, 2021, you can enjoy 3 free priority days at Nvidia Geforce Now. If you do not have an Nvidia account, you will be asked to create one, without having to enter your bank details. You will then receive an email with your trial code.

Play your own games in the cloud

The principle of Geforce Now is simple: The service allows streaming play on any compatible device such as PC, Mac, smartphones, tablets or Shield TV via a simple internet connection. A minimum of 15 Mb / s is enough to be able to enjoy it in good conditions.

Unlike other Cloud Gaming services, Geforce Now provides access to a selection of compatible games from Steam, Uplay or game stores. The advantage is therefore not to force players to buy back games they already own in these stores. The fact remains that if you don’t have the games, you have to buy them, the paid subscription does not include access to a game catalog. Even if Geforce Now is not compatible with all the games available on the platforms, the list is long and intensifies from week to week. You can also consult the official list of supported games.

Proven streaming technology

All the games are already installed on Nvidia’s servers and therefore launching a title only takes a few seconds. In addition, priority access does not make you wait in the queues – in case a game is very popular – and you have no time limit to enjoy it.

15 Mb / s is enough to get started in a game, but you’ll be limited to a 720p / 60 display. You therefore need an available bandwidth of 30 Mb / s to unlock access to 1080p / 60 streaming. Priority Access also gives the ability to activate RTX on compatible games and get the best possible visual quality. They are also PC games, so it is quite possible to change the visual settings in the dedicated menus.

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