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for a smartphone that is both foldable and expandable

The TCL Fold N’Roll is a smartphone concept that does not want to choose between a foldable screen and an expandable screen. Its panel can do both and allows the device to have three different formats.

TCL Fold N'Roll

The TCL Fold N’Roll unfolds and expands for a three-in-one format // Gamesdone: TCL

TCL wants to invest more in the smartphone market. With this in mind, the manufacturer has presented a new series of devices, but also a concept of foldable smartphone… and rollable. Yes, both at the same time. I named the TCL Fold N’Roll.

This concept is surprising. Indeed, it can go from smartphone format to that of a small tablet by unfolding – with the fold facing outwards. So far, this is nothing very innovative compared to products that we already know such as the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2, the Huawei Mate X2 and the Xiaomi Mi Mix Fold. However, the small tablet in question can then unroll its slab to become larger thanks to a system similar to the Oppo X 2021 expandable.

TCL Fold N'Roll

The TCL Fold N’Roll is a foldable and expandable smartphone concept // Gamesdone: TCL

Smartphone, tablet … and larger tablet

We summarize: this 6.87-inch smartphone, whose screen can both bend and extend, has the possibility of becoming a tablet that comes in two sizes: 8.85 and 10 inches. Stefan Streit, world director of marketing at TCL, was even able to do a short demo of this concept for Frandroid, unfortunately we had to do this through a videoconference. We were therefore unable to take control of the product.

However, during the demo in question, we could see the TCL Fold N’Roll turn into a tablet and then this tablet become larger. Note, however, that the prototype screen shown to us was fictitious. It is really a concept serving purely as a technological showcase.

TCL’s ambitions

The idea behind this initiative is to show TCL’s ambitions and know-how. This Fold N’Roll is not the brand’s first attempt. The firm had already presented an expandable smartphone concept, as well as a prototype that folded in three like an accordion.

TCL proclaims it loud and clear: it intends to launch on the market a real foldable or extendable smartphone (or both like this Fold N’Roll) by the end of the year 2021. Let us recall in passing that in 2019, the brand had also announced its objective to offer this type of device at less than 2000 euros.

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