Tuesday, April 20

follow the launch of new offers for professionals

This morning of March 23, Free has planned to make several announcements concerning the launch of its offers for professionals.

Free will unveil its first offers for professionals. It is a market dominated by Orange, Free intends to drastically lower prices as it has already done on the general public market. Several teasing videos have been posted on the official Free account where we see Xavier Niel consulting a shrink where he complains of his obsession with low prices. One way to generate buzz ahead of this morning’s announcement.

Live announcements

To follow Xavier Niel’s announcements, we invite you to regularly update this article.

How to follow the conference in video?

What is expected?

Has Free planned a Freebox Pro for its fixed offer? Will mobile offers be available from the start? Iliad has set itself the mission, within the framework of the Odyssey 2024 plan presented in 2019, to become a new benchmark national operator capable of supporting the digital transformation of French companies, in order to strengthen their competitiveness.

The B2B telecoms market is currently being crushed by Orange, and the Competition Authority has often criticized this situation. Orange Business Services, a subsidiary of Orange, has a market share of around 70%. SFR is 20%, the rest is shared by specialized alternative operators. It is a huge market that would weigh 10.6 billion euros in 2017.

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