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Fitbit now allows you to track your blood sugar curve in its app

Fitbit has added a new feature to its app: the blood sugar curve. This will allow people with diabetes, for example, to find all their data within a single application.

Fitbit Sense

Fitbit Sense // Gamesdone: Arnaud Gelineau – Frandroid

In recent years, manufacturers of devices dedicated to health have multiplied the various possible follow-ups. In addition to the heart rate, SpO2 or the electrocardiogram, which can be measured directly by certain devices, it is also possible to manually enter certain information.

This was already the case with weight or the menstrual cycle. Now, Fitbit is going further by offering a new feature that is particularly aimed at people with diabetes. On Monday, the manufacturer announced an update to the Fitbit application that will allow you to follow your blood sugar curve: “Recently launched in the Fitbit app, Blood Glucose Tracking helps you manage your glucose level by entering or importing it and see trends in one place”.

Data that is not captured by Fitbit devices

The advantage of integrating this data within the Fitbit application itself is to allow you to see the evolution of the curve according to other criteria such as energy expenditure if you have ever run, slept or ate.

However, this data cannot be measured automatically by a Fitbit smartwatch or bracelet, unlike the project Apple and Samsung are working on. It will therefore be necessary for users to enter them directly after having collected them using a glucose sensor. In addition, some connected sensors will automatically share blood glucose data with the Fitbit app. For now, this is the case with the LifeScan models and its OneTouch Reveal app which can be synced with Fitbit.

Initially, this feature will only be deployed to US users of the Fitbit app. The manufacturer has not yet announced a deployment for European users.

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