Tuesday, October 19

Fisker is preparing an electric pickup that would be inspired by the Tesla Cybertruck


Henrik Fisker formalized the news on Twitter: his company Fisker Inc. is working on an electric pickup advertised as “the lightest and most efficient in the world”. Above all, its final design should recall that of the Tesla Cybertruck.

The electric pick-up segment is definitely all the rage with automakers. In just two years, many manufacturers have formalized a project in this area. Confused, let us quote Tesla, GMC, Ford, Rivian, Lordstown Motors or Fiat. To this list is added an umpteenth player admittedly less important than others, but which nevertheless has positioned itself in the niche.

Her name ? Fisker Inc. Founder Henrik Fisker is best known for having created the company Fisker Automotive, from which the Fisker Karma hybrid resulted. But financial difficulties pushed the manager to sell his company to the Chinese group Wanxiang in 2014. Before creating Fisker Inc. two years later, which has since presented its first electric vehicle expected in 2022, the SUV Ocean at a price affordable.

The beautiful promise of Fisker

As the British media spotted Coach, Henrik Fisker has split a Twitter message in which he formalizes the arrival of an electric pickup. No need to ask you when, since the person concerned has not given details on this subject. Fisker was intentionally very optimistic by presenting him as ” the lightest and most efficient in the world ».

In addition, the published image is only a teaser: according to the American-Danish entrepreneur, the final look of the vehicle will be more radical. ForCoach, we should therefore expect a much more angular style that should recall the aesthetic lines of the Tesla Cybertruck. One could also wonder if this pick-up will benefit from photovoltaic panels, like the Fisker Ocean.

The SUV already announced will indeed be equipped with a solar roof capable of recovering 1600 kilometers of range in one year, in addition to its 450 kilometers announced in a single charge. What to inspire the future pick-up? The future will tell.

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