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first revelations on the prices in Europe of the range

Samsung Galaxy S21 smartphones will be unveiled by the brand very soon. We already know a lot about them, and we are starting to discover their price in Europe.

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra S21+ et S21

Overview of the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra S21 + and S21 // Gamesdone: LetsGoDigital

In 2021, Samsung will announce earlier than usual its new range of Galaxy S smartphones. According to the leaks, the presentation should take place on January 14, 2021, which is why we already know so much about new smartphones from the Galaxy S21 range. After the design and the technical characteristics, here is now the first information on the price.

Both cheaper and more expensive

It is first Ishan Agarwal, who we know in particular for gathering information on OnePlus smartphones, who shares in a tweet what he thinks he knows about Samsung’s price list.

As we can read, the Samsung Galaxy S21 (128 GB) would start at 849 euros. This is a lower price than the Samsung Galaxy S20 4G, whose starting price was 909 euros, even though the S21 should integrate the basic 5G (an option that was sold 100 euros by Samsung for the Galaxy S20 in France) .

The Galaxy S21 + would be sold from 1049 to 1099 euros depending on the capacity of 128 or 256 GB. Here this represents a decrease compared to the 5G model of last year (to 1109 euros), but an increase compared to the 4G model (1009 euros) .

Finally the flagship of the flagships, the Galaxy S21 Ultra would cost the trifle of 1399 euros. This is even more expensive than the 1359 euros requested by Samsung for the Galaxy S20 Ultra. It’s also nearly 150 euros more expensive than Apple’s iPhone 12 Pro Max, for the same storage capacity. Samsung will therefore have to be very convincing in its offer.

Another price list

As Ishan Agarwal indicates, these would be general prices for Europe which could change from one country to another. This may explain why the site GalaxyClub claims to have obtained a different price list. According to the Dutch site, here are the prices for the new range.

We remain in the same spirit as the announced prices of Ishan Agarwal, but with an additional cost of 20 euros for the Galaxy S21 and S21 +. This could be explained by taxes such as private copying practiced in some countries. GalaxyClub also announces that the Galaxy S21 will be unveiled in mid-January. Samsung has already planned to reveal its next Exynos SoC on January 12. The latter should equip the Galaxy S21 in Europe and promises heavy.

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