Tuesday, October 19

first images of the new theme based on your wallpaper


Do you like the wallpaper of your smartphone? Android 12 should take the most beautiful colors.

One of the highlights of the week is without a doubt the release of the first Developer Preview of Android 12, the next major system update scheduled for 2021. Since then, developers and enthusiasts of all kinds have been trying to discover the secrets hidden in this new version. Among those secrets is the new, long-rumored theme system for Android 12.

An Android 12 of all colors

It is the developer kdrag0n who made this discovery on XDA-Developers. He managed to activate the new theme system on Android 12. This system allows you to change the appearance of Android 12 depending on your wallpaper. Screenshots allow you to immediately understand what it is.

Once the system is activated, we discover that the colors of Android 12 have changed to adapt to the wallpaper used. Here the wallpaper has a rather purple tint, and therefore the system theme in notifications turns purple. Perhaps this is what prompted Google to remove transparency behind notifications. On Android 11, transparency allows you to continue to partially see your wallpaper in the notifications menu.

Kdrag0n gives several examples to illustrate the changes depending on the wallpaper. Although we show the notifications menu here, it should be understood that all Android menus are affected, the sound or Wi-Fi settings use the same colored background.

After questioning the developer, XDA-Developers indicates that the work done by Kdrag0n to activate this theme system was quite heavy, requiring reverse engineering to generate that Google has not yet integrated with Android 12, the color scheme. . Given the level of work carried out, it is still difficult to conclude on the progress of Google’s work on this point. We have already seen in the past functions being present, but disabled, in the Developer Preview and finally never see the light of day with the final version of the system.

Until Google officially presents this design change, it’s too early to conclude. We must therefore wait for the next Developer Preview to see what is happening.


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