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finding a tab closed by mistake will be even easier


Google is currently testing a new feature on Chrome Canary, which will make it even easier to find a recently closed tab. Tested by the editorial staff, the function should prove to be very practical.

Organize your tabs on Google Chrome

If there is a universal misadventure experienced by all Internet users that must be cited, it is the involuntary closing of a tab. That moment when your cursor skids, when your finger or mouse clicks in the wrong place and in the wrong timing, withdrawing de facto the Internet window you were surfing on.

Do not panic. In this case, a simple solution is available to users to find your page in your browser settings. On Google Chrome, all you have to do is click on the three small vertical dots located at the top right, then go to the “History” tab to find the recently closed tabs.

Under test

Except that this sometimes tedious journey could quite simply be replaced by a new, much more practical feature. In any case, this is what we can legitimately think following the discovery of Chromestory, relayed by XDA Developers. Google is indeed testing a new way to access its old tabs.


At the top right, the new button will allow access to recently closed tabs // Gamesdone: Frandroid

The latest version of Google Chrome Canary honors this new feature which should land in a stable version in the coming weeks. The idea is simple: at the top right of your Internet page, a new button represented by an arrow facing down opens a contextual menu when you click on it.

In one click

Placed to the left of the “Minimize” function, said button then gives access to the list of tabs currently open, and those recently closed. This button is accessible from any page of your browser. In short: with one click, you can find a site that was accidentally closed.

It would make a lot of sense to add this option to Google Chrome, which would host a very practical feature here, to the delight of users.

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