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Finally a price drop on the Google Nest Audio, especially if you buy two


The Google Nest Audio, launched in September 2020, succeeds the brand’s classic Google Home connected speaker. Rarely on sale, it now benefits from a reduction that drops it from 99 to 89 euros at Rue du commerce. And on the side of Fnac and Darty, the lot of two comes to 149 euros instead of 199.

From now on, the range of connected devices intended for the home signed Google is presented under the name “Nest”, like the Google Nest Audio, revealed in September 2020. It then succeeds the classic Google Home and even represents a certain move upmarket, especially in terms of sound quality which is significantly improved. The Google Nest Audio does not often see its price drop, except currently: it benefits from a reduction of 10 euros on its original price.

In short

  • A new sustainable look
  • 75% more powerful than the old Google Home
  • Multiroom available, if you take two speakers

Usually displayed at 99 euros, the Google Nest Audio is now available at 89 euros on Rue du commerce.

In addition, if you want to acquire two speakers for stereo sound, the set of two costs 149 euros instead of 199 euros at Fnac and at Darty. The reduction of 50 euros will apply as soon as the two Google Nest Audio are added to the basket.

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9 /10

Google Nest Audio

With its Nest range, Google has decided to have a new look at the design level. Indeed, unlike the classic Google Home, the Google Nest Audio puts on a durable honeycomb fabric. The green touch is also found in the components of the speaker which are made of 70% from recycled plastic. Regarding the dimensions of the beast, the Nest Audio is more imposing than its predecessor, with a height of 17.5 cm and a width of 12.4 cm. However, it will not risk falling backwards since its elongated rectangular build and rounded edges will make it very stable.

But the main improvement that the Mountain View firm wanted to highlight is that of sound quality. Indeed, it would be 75% more powerful compared to the classic Home. The bass would be 50% richer. The Nest Audio thus embeds a 19 mm tweeter and a 75 mm woofer, with sound capable of being broadcast at 360 ° thanks to the new design. To control the sound played, exit the visible buttons: make way for the tactile control hidden under the fabric. The volume will be adjusted by tapping on the left edge (to decrease) or the right edge (to increase).

The presence of software, which adjusts the audio to be able to enjoy clearer voices and a more natural sound, will top it off. We will also find the presence of Ambient IQ technology, which will ensure an intelligent calibration of the sound according to the type of content broadcast by the speaker, whether it is a podcast, a piece of music or an audiobook. The Nest Audio will also have the advantage of adapting to the sound environment of the room in which it will be placed thanks to its three microphones.

And these mics will have another use as well. Who says Google, says… Google Assistant, its faithful voice assistant who will rely precisely on these three microphones to collect all your orders and obey you at all times. You can therefore ask Google Nest Audio what the weather will be for the day, or even draw up a shopping list, schedule reminders or even control your connected objects in your home (light bulbs, thermostat, etc.). You will also be able to take calls with Google Duo.

Finally, if you opt for the set of two Google Nest Audio, know that you will be able to take advantage of the multiroom system so that they can communicate with each other. The two speakers can, for example, broadcast the same music to concoct a quality sound environment in a room.

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