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Fiat in turn throws itself into the arena in the face of stiff competition

The Fiat Chrysler group is also going to position itself in the niche of electric pickups despite a significant number of manufacturers already positioned in the niche. The manufacturer will launch its machine under the Ram brand, one of its subsidiaries.

The Ram thermal pickup as an illustrative image

The Ram thermal pickup as an illustrative image

Tesla Cybertruck, GMC Hummer EV, Ford F-150, Rivian R1T, Lordstown Endurance: several major American car manufacturers accompanied by start-ups with a scent of good luck have already introduced their respective electric pickups. Without to date, the least model is still at the marketing stage.

In the United States, the pick-up segment has been a real success for a long time: tackling the electric market through this vehicle format is therefore not trivial. An audience could be there. This is why Fiat Chrysler will also seek to grab a piece of the cake: its CEO Mike Manley has indeed formalized the news in the columns of Detroit Free Press.

A few years from now

«There will be a Ram electric pickup on the market, and I would like to ask you to stay tuned for a little while.», He announced. Ram is one of the many subsidiaries of Fiat Chrysler – also owner of Maserati, Chrysler, Fiat, Jeep and Alpha Romeo – which has made thermal pickups its spearhead since its creation.

However, information about this project is very scarce. Should we understand in the words of the person concerned that the firm on the other side of the Atlantic does not intend to launch its connected vehicle in the coming months: in short, patience will be required to see it rolling on the roads.

The importance of the calendar

Except today, launch schedules are of critical importance to manufacturers. Whoever first offers an electric pick-up will inevitably be a little ahead of its competitors, on condition, however, to sell a product with an attractive performance / price ratio. On this point, the Tesla pickup has some strengths to make.

As our colleagues from Numerama, Fiat Chrysler paid Tesla more than two billion dollars to afford the CO2 credits of the Californian firm, in order to reduce its fine relating to CO2 emissions. This electric pick-up is therefore part of the beginning of the transition which will allow it to get into the nails, or almost, in the face of European requirements in particular.

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