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Ferrari’s projects are becoming clearer

According to Car Magazine, Ferrari is working on two electric vehicles: one scheduled for 2024, the other for 2026, but both looking like an SUV.

In December 2019, the former CEO of Ferrari Louis Camilleri – who resigned with immediate effect on December 10, 2020 – spoke of the Italian brand’s plans for electric vehicles. For him, the battery technologies were not yet up to par, due to ” major problems in terms of autonomy, speed of recharging Still present.

Two electric SUVs in preparation?

« So we’ll end up creating one [voiture totalement électrique], but it will be after 2025. Not in the short term“, He had then noted, without giving any additional information. Thing thatCar Magazinethinks to hold through exclusive elements published in an article of December 29, 2020. We learn in particular that Ferrari intends to give in to the sirens of the SUV segment, very popular for a few years.

A Ferrari Purosangue (code name F175) could see the light of day in early 2022 with a V12 thermal engine, joined by a version equipped with a hybrid V8 engine. But above all, the Maranello firm would work on two electric SUVs from this Purosangue, both expected in 2024 and then 2026. Their code name: F244 and F245.

More than 600 horses

The British media mentions the presence of four electric motors, a power of 610 horsepower and a battery of 80 kWh. So many elements still at the stage of rumor that must of course be taken with a grain of salt. Above all, Ferrari’s future first electric vehicle is expected to keep all its promises in terms of range.

By then, Tesla and company will have developed ever more advanced technologies, which will allow their connected cars to travel distances as high as a thermal today. At least we hope so.

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