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False promotions, suspicions of counterfeiting … The Wish site is suspected of fraud in France

The e-commerce site is in the sights of the French authorities. The DGCCRF, responsible for cracking down on fraud, has indeed investigated the platform and highlighted commercial practices that are a priori deceptive. The Paris prosecutor’s office was seized.

The site has gained notoriety over the past few years. The e-commerce platform connects its users with a plethora of sellers and has stood out on numerous occasions by the slashed prices it displays. Advertising spots with several sports celebrities have also contributed to the celebrity of the company (Neymar, Paul Pogba, Gareth Bale, etc.).

However, these famous broken prices often seemed too good to be true, and the conclusions of the investigation of the General Directorate of Consumer Competition and Fraud Control (DGCCRF) corroborate this idea. The administration – under the supervision of the Ministry of the Economy – in fact denounces activities ” akin to deceptive marketing practices On

“Overwhelming conclusions” against Wish

In this regard, the DGCCRF seized the Paris prosecutor’s office in the hope that the public prosecutor would take up this case. A case notably relayed by the Secretary of State for Digital Transmission, Cédrid O, on his Twitter account where he mentions ” false promos, [des] suspected counterfeiting “And” the damning findings of the investigation ».

In its press release, the DGCCRF gives some details. Thus, the observed practices consist of:

  • « to generally allege strong price reductions, which are particularly attractive for consumers (up to a 90% reduction), but devoid of any economic reality (they are in particular calculated on the basis of misleading reference prices);
  • to highlight products with a strong reputation, some of which are not available on the platform;
  • and to offer products with logos and distinctive signs similar to those of well-known registered trademarks (in particular sports brands, prestigious perfumes, etc.) likely to mislead consumers. »

A site singled out for a long time

The administration further indicates that if these suspicions are confirmed by the judge, Wish could be convicted of unfair competition. Cédric O adds that the platform “ had already distinguished itself during the first confinement by selling masks that did not meet the standards. French people who use the application to find low-cost there should know that they will mostly find scams there. ».

Recall also that the association 60 million consumers warned against the potential dangers of this site in 2018 by indicating that it was ” to the limits of legality “. Finally, West France Specifies that the Wish marketplace is supplied to 94% of sellers based in China and that the firm boasts a business volume in France amounting to one billion euros.

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