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Facebook puts the package on virtual and augmented reality


The takeover of Oculus and the proliferation of virtual reality or augmented reality projects are obviously only one part of the iceberg. Facebook has boosted the sector and now a fifth of its employees are dedicated to it.

Oculus Quest 2

Eye Quest 2 // Gamesdone: Facebook eye

It’s becoming a war machine ready to tip Facebook a little more into another dimension. Virtual reality has become the new hobby of the social media giant, which is using its investment in the acquisition of Oculus VR to launch projects in all directions.

A fifth of Facebook on virtual reality

Release of an Oculus Quest 2, a new dedicated division called Reality Labs, projects galore… nothing is stopping Mark Zuckerberg’s firm in its virtual ascent. And according to an article by The Information, nearly a fifth of the group’s workforce would now be tied to the branch working on virtual reality and augmented reality projects.

In the age of teleworking, confinement and other joys that push to stay away from others, virtual interactions have multiplied and Facebook knows that by virtualizing its social network, it has a hell of a hand to play.

The Venues social place on Oculus Quest 2

The Venues social place on Oculus Quest 2

The Information spoke at length with Mark Zuckerberg (podcast to listen) on the subject. And the founder of Facebook has not really hidden the ambitions of his company in this new niche of which he is already seizing all the social, societal and economic potential.

I think it really makes sense for us to invest deeply to help shape what I think is the next major computing platform, this combination of augmented reality and virtual reality, to make sure it grows in a way that actually involves people. To be present with each other and come together.

A plethora of projects

Across the world, no less than 10,000 people are participating in Facebook’s effort in this sector. In 2017, the workforce of Oculus VR (a thousand employees) represented only about 5% of the 18,770 employees of Facebook at the time, noted at the time. UploadVR.

The boost was given with the success of the Oculus Quest and Oculus Quest 2 stand-alone headsets which no longer need a PC (but can optionally be connected to it for more power).

Facebook is showing much greater control over the development of virtual reality internally with a name now “Oculus From Facebook»Plastered when starting the helmets, the application, or attached to the slightest in-house innovation. The Oculus Connect event has been renamed Facebook Connect, the labs are under the Facebook flag. Even the next projects, augmented reality glasses, are no longer Oculus.

Source: Frandroid / Arnaud GELINEAU

Gamesdone: Frandroid / Arnaud GELINEAU

The Palo Alto firm wants its own platform and link its services to it. She has thus injected into the helmet the obligation to connect with her Facebook account, her contact list, the possibility of chatting via Messenger or even the addition of a voice command that is activated by saying… “Hey Facebook” !

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