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Facebook Messenger arrives on the Oculus Quest headset

With the latest update being deployed, it is now possible to use Facebook Messenger with your Oculus Quest virtual reality headset. And this, even if your interlocutors are well anchored in reality, behind their smartphone or their PC.

Source: Frandroid / Arnaud GELINEAU

Gamesdone: Frandroid / Arnaud GELINEAU

Being in the virtual without ever being really cut off from the real. With the Oculus Quest headset, it became easy. Free of its cable, it allows freedom of movement. Its sensors scattered all around the device allow, when necessary, to regain a foothold in reality.

And inside the virtual reality headset, it is now possible to stay in touch with the outside world. Well, in a way …

Oculus still more in the fold of Facebook

On its blog, Oculus announced the deployment of a new update for the Oculus Quest and the latest Oculus Quest 2. This notably adds the arrival of Facebook Messenger among the available services.

Owned by Facebook, of which it now appends the name within, the company thus signs a little more its anchoring in the house, after having forced its new users to have an account on the platform to dive into the virtual reality headset on the head. List of contacts automatically added, Facebook events and Facebook Watch videos integrated and now the messaging system, the takeover – after having swallowed up the name of the big annual Oculus meeting – is becoming very real.

Facebook Messenger is coming to Oculus Quest

Facebook Messenger is coming to Oculus Quest // Gamesdone: Oculus

« We believe in the ability of virtual reality to bring people together, especially these days, and therefore we are creating the tools to make those experiences smoother and more accessible.“Says Oculus, who stresses that it will be possible to chat with contacts on its list, even if they do not have an Oculus Quest headset.

Chat with friends even if they don’t have a headset

Headphones on, all you have to do is open the app, write messages using the onboard keyboard in the Oculus interface, with pre-written sentences or by using the voice transcription function. It will even be possible to create an Oculus Party to play together.

The firm specifies that, if your privacy settings between your Messenger and Oculus accounts are not the same, it will not affect or change one or the other. Your username on Oculus Chats will remain the same and your Oculus friends will not access your Facebook profile.

Note that if you are one of the “old” and you can still use your Oculus account, before it is no longer authorized, you will not however be able to use Facebook Messenger in VR. To do this, you must have connected your Facebook account (CQFD).

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