Monday, January 18

Facebook Messenger and Instagram fall victim to global blackout

This Thursday, a global blackout hit Messenger and Instagram messaging, preventing messages from being sent.

WhatsApp, Messenger and Instagram

WhatsApp, Messenger and Instagram applications // Gamesdone: Frandroid

This Thursday around noon, the various messaging services of Facebook seem completely in the choices. This is particularly the case with Messenger which has a hard time sending your messages to your contacts.

The site Downdetector, which lists the reports of failure of various services by users, indeed indicates a massive increase in the number of Messenger failures since 10am this morning. This is also the case d’Instagram, for his messaging, since the same period. WhatsApp has also experienced a few reports, but seems relatively untouched.

In France, the outages seem to mainly affect the regions of Paris and Lyon for Messenger, even if the entire European continent is affected, just like India, Malaysia, Australia or Brazil.

Failures that have not yet been explained by Facebook

On its outage reporting site, Facebook reports that Messenger is “temporarily inaccessible”, but has not communicated the reasons for the outages.

Rather, it makes sense that Messenger and Instagram’s messaging are both going down at the same time. A few months ago, Facebook decided to merge the two services in order to offer a unified messaging system. On the flip side, a failure on one now affects both services.



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