Wednesday, October 20

Facebook is testing a “Neighborhoods” function to create links with your neighbors


The social network Facebook is currently testing a new feature called “Neighborhoods”. The idea is to facilitate contact with one’s neighbors through various interactions carried out in a dedicated group.

In these times of global pandemic where the social and health context is more than delicate, Facebook would obviously seek to offer a new solution to its users by giving them the opportunity to create links… between neighbors. “Neighborhoods” – which means “Neighborhoods” in French – is the name of this feature currently deployed on an experimental basis.

Towards targeted advertising by neighborhood

Social media specialist Matt Navarra posted several screenshots of the tool on Twitter, before the Menlo Park firm confirmed the project to Bloomberg. The idea of ​​this function is simple: to bring together the inhabitants of a neighborhood through a dedicated group, in which can be published messages, articles, events and other publications related to the activity of the neighborhood.

In a completely different register, to say the least more controversial, “Neighborhoods” would also be able to collect more and more data to display hyper local advertisements according to the information collected. Also, a user would be required to indicate and confirm his geolocation to benefit from it. One of the possibilities would be to create a profile specially dedicated to your neighborhood.

Should Nextdoor be shaking?

Bloomberg finally mentions confidentiality options intended to control your activity within this “Neighborhoods” section. Still, this new feature, if rolled out globally, could put a damper on Nextdoor, a neighborhood-oriented social networking application now available in the United States and several European countries, including France.


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