Thursday, October 29

Facebook implements Netflix and Zoom in its Portal teams

Facebook Portal has not quite taken off despite its powerful hardware and different applications are being implemented from the company. When we had the opportunity to analyze Facebook Portal, we found it to be a very powerful and useful team, although somewhat scarce in terms of the available applications. If it is true that it has had a very favorable context to enhance its use during these months of quarantine where we have multiplied our video calls, there is the feeling that it has not managed to take off. Now, two years after its official launch, it seems that they are going to bet on this team and the best way to do it is to offer greater possibilities of use. The different Portal are more than powerful, but limiting them to Facebook applications is excessive. To begin with, they will implement Netflix and the fashionable video calling application: Zoom Although it was known for months that Zoom would reach these teams, now it has been officially announced and it will be possible to take full advantage of all the functions that make Portal a team of quality for making video calls. Home surveillance cameras are becoming more common and above all, cheaper. These cameras can save you a lot of scares or better, that after a scare at home you have proof of what happened. Many may appreciate being able to make meetings or video calls with Zoom and have the camera follow you around the room, just like Portal does, or take full advantage of the multiple and powerful microphones it has. Zoom will be available for Portal Mini, Portal and Portal +, according to Android Police, also in all countries where they are sold. We’ll see if this offers an opportunity for Facebook to make its devices more known. But, as we have said, this will not be the only implementation, as with Chromecast, thanks to Portal you can also watch Netflix on televisions and on your own tablets. Portal is also adding the streaming platform to its applications, an addition that users who already have equipment will surely appreciate. All this serves to advance the possible implementation of more applications in the future. We will see what Facebook surprises us with. Although it is somewhat late after these months of quarantine where Portal could have been enhanced, it seems that they are not giving up with these video calling equipment.

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