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Facebook hypocrite over Apple’s privacy policy according to former employees


In recent months, tensions have escalated between Apple and Facebook. Former employees of the community giant explain more clearly why Apple’s privacy policy undermines Mark Zuckerberg’s strategy.

Facebook does not welcome the changes initiated with iOS 14 and which will be reinforced with iOS 14.5. After having forced the publishers of applications to show white paw on the collection of data within its App Store, Apple will put back in the hands of the users the choice to be tracked or not.

IDFA: the precious data goes into opt-in

According to Apple Insider, former Facebook employees explained to CNBC why access to IDFA is so important for Facebook. The IDFA, – or Identifier for Advertisers – is a unique number assigned to each iPhone allowing advertisers to better track users in order to return targeted advertising to them.

By default, Facebook systematically collected this IDFA, but with App Tracking Transparency, the social network will have to ask users for permission to use it. It is therefore a device ofopt-in. However, Facebook knows full well that the latter will largely refuse.

From the outset, Facebook had publicly criticized Apple by asserting that Tim Cook’s firm would undermine SMEs wishing to advertise on Facebook.

Measure the influence of advertising

Traditionally, advertisers measure click-through rate and conversion rate. Concretely, they are thus able to determine – for a user base having received an advertisement promoting a product – the number of interactions on the latter, then the number of purchases made along the tunnel.

However, with the IDFA, Facebook has implemented a complementary mechanism to determine the degree of influence of an advertisement. Thus the ex-employees of Facebook claim that the company has implemented a “display conversion rate”. The technology allows advertisers to measure the number of users who have purchased products after seeing an ad without actually interacting with it. The IDFA is used precisely to make the correlation between sight and purchase.

Facebook was thus able to determine the degree of influence of an advertisement over the long term.

Finally, as Henry Love explains, previously in Facebook’s Small Business division, the company’s partner businesses will not be affected by App Tracking Transparency. He points out that a bar or restaurant manager sticks to standard demographics when promoting their establishment.

He adds : “ if you ask a restaurant owner what IDFA is, I don’t think any of them would have a clue ”.


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