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Facebook creates an AI that now knows how to forget


To teach him much more, researchers at Facebook AI have devised a method that allows artificial intelligence to know… forget.

Facebook makes AI forget

Facebook makes AI forget // Gamesdone: Facebook AI

The internet never forgets, it seems. The world either. However, the ability of humans to memorize is far from infallible, sometimes more or less voluntarily. And artificial intelligences will soon be able to do the same too.

Facebook Artificial Intelligence Research (FAIR) researchers present Expire-San, a technique to endow AI neural networks with the ability to forget. An idea that may seem far-fetched when AIs are trained to store as much information as possible and process it as quickly as possible, to adapt to our habits by learning them over the long term to be as efficient as possible.

Use AI capabilities smarter

But first and foremost, researchers at Facebook’s lab want to find a way to use AI capabilities in a smarter, more efficient way. Because unlike humans, AI memorizes information without distinction, treatment or preference.

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And AI will now learn to forget in order to remember on a large scale. “We empower them to tackle increasingly complicated tasks that require this ability“, Explain the scientists in a post from blog.

So here is Expire-San, a method that will allow training AI models to sort through their learning to eliminate certain information in order to better “increase the size of their memory. Neural networks will then be endowed with the capacity to forget on a large scale. “It works by first predicting the information most relevant to the task at hand.», Explain the FAIR researchers.

The AI ​​will thus retain essential information to avoid overloading its memory. This should provide more flexibility. After a while, Expire-Span will “expire” the learned data. This expiration time is calculated after evaluating each piece of information and predicting what information will be important eventually.

Sort, forget, memorize even more

Processing videos, reading long books, assimilating elements of understanding complex conversations: all these actions performed by AI will require knowing how to distinguish the essential elements from those which are only useful in the short term. “Once the date has passed, the information gradually expires from the AI ​​systemThey add. “Intuitively, more relevant information is kept longer, others are quickly eliminated. »

Expire-Span, Facebook's method for AI to learn to forget details

Expire-Span, Facebook’s method for AI to learn to forget details // Gamesdone: Facebook AI

By going to the essentials in the progressive processing of data and eliminating superfluous information, this will offer more memory space for the AI ​​to process even more information over time.

FAIR intends in this way to bring the functioning of the AI ​​closer to that of the human brain, capable of sorting through its memories to keep only the strongest, those who built it, to make room for the new ones.

Augmented reality targets

Facebook says Expire-San may have an interest in real-time video processing, where AI can sort through the information. This will prove to be very useful in concrete applications such as augmented reality glasses which must immediately analyze the data that is presented in front of the user. An application that could be applied directly to the future product that the firm of Mark Zuckerberg is preparing.

Source : Facebook Research Lab

Gamesdone : Facebook Research Lab

It is easy to imagine that this could be useful for other uses envisaged by Facebook whose Reality Labs is working on various projects such as an augmented reality interface on the wrist or even a mixed reality headset to create an extremely virtual workspace. bluffing.


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