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Facebook Casino Games Real Money 2020

Win Big gambling online & have fun on Facebook casino games real money while doing it.

Firstly, how do these slot machines work and how?

Before you play any game you need to know how to play. The problem with slots is that they are so simple that it seems easy to play. What most people don’t realize is that if you don’t know what you are doing it is even easier to lose.

So let us go over the basics before I tell you how to win at slots on facebook casino games real money 2020


Firstly, every time you spin the program’s algorithm picks a random symbol for each reel. This means every spin is random.

Second, every spin has the same chance of winning. No amount of prayers can change this fact. Your last slot play has as much chance as winning as your first did.

So given that it is all random, then how do you play to win 2020?


What are the tips and tricks for facebook casino games real money? Guess It!

There are no foolproof tips or tricks to win at slots but there are smart strategies.

My strategies on facebook casino game real money 2020


Fix the amount you want to win.

Take your bank account very seriously. You are not going to become a millionaire in one night but you can make a lot of money playing long term.

To do that you need to have the spare cash available.

So before you play, set a maximum amount that you want to win.

This is important because sometimes you can win that amount in 5 minutes.

It is true, that does happen! But don’t make the rookie mistake!

Do you know what the rookies do?


He keeps playing because he thinks his luck will hold out, and then before he knows it, not only has he lost his winnings but he has emptied his bank account.


If she has graced you with a swift victory, then thank her. Close your computer and spend the money or save it.

Fix the amount you are willing to lose.


The reality is that you will lose often. So you must have a strategy to manage your losses.

Before playing, you must make a budget and stick to it. If you have decided that you will only lose a hundred dollars today, do not let temptation trick you.

So many players think that if they try one more time that they will recover their loses.

The fact is that this temptation is compelling because slot games are random. You might win, it is true.

But why are you spending more money than you can afford? 

After all, you set a budget for a reason!

So when you cross the budget it is time to stop. Accept that this was your unlucky day and nothing can change that. After all, if you lost everything, do you really believe that one more chance is going to change your bad luck streak?

Avoid progressive slot games.

Firstly, what are progressive slot games?


Well if you are newcomer I will explain it now, but if you already know what I am talking about then skip to the next paragraph.

Progressive slot games are games where every time someone plays but does not win the jackpot amount increases.

When a lot of people have played the same slot game, you can win a huge amount of money

But, you have to avoid these games.

This is the most bitter pill to swallow. I personally feel bad avoiding these games because I know players that have won a lot of progressive games.

But the fact is that they had a one out of a million chance of winning.

Why such low chances of winning?


Because online progressive slot games are all linked together. This means thousands, even hundreds of thousands of people are playing at the same time.

It is true that one of them will win big! But do you really feel that lucky?

I know that I don’t.

Progressive games are where I have lost the most money so avoid them. Don’t repeat my mistakes.

Play slot games with a fixed payout.


These types of games are where I make the most money from slots. You are no longer competing against thousands of players your odds of winning has dramatically improved.

These games are easy to recognize because the prize you can win is already fixed and won’t change no matter how much you play.

You don’t have a chance of becoming a millionaire overnight, and so it is for this reason so many players are tempted to try progressive slots.

But remember, with fixed payouts you actually have a higher chance of winning.

Before playing check how much you can win.on facebook, casino games real money

It is important that you regularly check different online casinos because they regularly change their bonuses and prize limits.

Don’t worry, I have compiled a list of casino games for you below. 

Now back to important facts. Different games have a different amount of bonus rounds, multipliers, and limits to their bet sizes.

So look at your wallet first and decide how much you are willing to bet for how much money. While you are doing that, also calculate the multipliers and bonus rounds.

I know this a lot of work, but are you here to win or lose?

Don’t worry checking various online casino games has many advantages and I am going to explain them in the next points.

Take advantage of signup bonuses on facebook casino games real money 2020


A lot of online casinos offer to sign up bonuses. Moreover, they also offer some kind of bonus every week so check back regularly.

Aside from the sign-up bonus, there are also bonuses for buying credit. And this is where you should think about your budget.

Let us say you have a budget of 200 dollars. Well check the various online casinos and see which ones offer the biggest percentage bonus for buying credits.

Sometimes the bonus can be as low as 10%, other times it can be as high as 100%.

Now if you are smart you are already going to realize what my next suggestion is going to be.

Select the casino with the highest bonus for buying credit. And then stick to your budget.

So if your budget was 200 Dollars and you get a 100% bonus then you now have 400 dollars of credit with this online casino.

Keep playing until you win the amount you want, but in case you are losing. Stop playing after you have lost 200 dollars.

Like I said before maybe today was not your lucky day, and even if it was a bad day for you, you still have 200 dollars left in credit.

This is the best part, my friend, you can come back on a day when you are feeling lucky and try again. And thus you have doubled the odds of winning.

Now credit purchasing bonuses are for a limited time but reappear periodically. So check back on different online casinos regularly.

You may find Online Casino Xyz offered a good bonus yesterday but no bonus today, and Online Casino Abc that had no offer yesterday has an offer available today.

So play smart by regularly checking where you can get bonuses

Use the free spins that are offered


As I mentioned before you need to have a large variety of Online Casinos that you are playing in because periodically they offer free spins.

Now you may be cynical and believe that these free spins are a scam and no one wins anything. That is not true.

Social media gets the word around folks, and if an online casino is scamming people with free spins their reputation will soon turn to toast. This hit to their reputation can bankrupt them.

It takes a long time to make a single online game, and these companies need to make their money back.

The only way they can do that is to keep their customers happy. So they are not going to scam you.

But having said that, occasionally there are greedy companies that do try to scam people.

Which is why it is vitally important that you be a part of the online casino communities.

Talk to other players, because they will warn you if a particular casino scammed them on free spins.

I know that free spins are the real deal because I have spoken to many other players who have won but don’t take my word for it.

Reach out to the community, they will give you advice and keep you updated on the news.

Moreover, the list of online casinos that I provided to you does not encompass all the online casinos out there.

Which means that you are missing out on free promotions, registration bonuses, and free spins.

Where are you going to find this info?

How will you find out if there is a new casino out there?

From other players of course.

So get involved in the community and make friends. That is half the fun of gambling online.

List of casino games online 2020


As promised I have painstakingly compiled a list for you.

The doubledown casino has hundreds of different types of slot machines offering different winnings, bonuses, and multipliers. So this is a good place to start.


Big Fish Casino is another good casino. This one regularly has slot tournaments, which keeps things interesting.

Wizard of oz slots. This casino has beautiful imagery for the movie. Very pleasing to the eye.

Slotomania slots. This casino recently released the Montezuma challenge and are offering 960 free spins. Take advantage of this.

Myvegas slots. This casino also has an app that allows you to play on your android phone.

Jackpot Magic Slots. I liked the community of this online casino, you may like the people here as well.

High 5 casino real slots. This casino is classy but needs the most updated adobe flash player to use.

Amazing One Also Here:

Conclusion for facebook casino games real money 2020


 I have tried several of these online casino games and it should be played by one and all. This helps in relaxing and is a sure shot stress buster and of course you can make some money online!!

We will keep on updating the Facebook games 2020 and the list of casino games. Keep checking to get the updates.


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