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Facebook and your WhatsApp data, Xbox eyeing DualSense, Android picks up on iOS – The essentials of the week’s news

2021 has started with a bang on planet Tech. Here is what marked the first week of news of the year: Samsung and Xiaomi are already on the bridge. CES 2021 starts smoothly, but virtually. Facebook is already making its own with WhatsApp and Xbox would do well to take inspiration from the PS5.

Android: your headphones can now pair like AirPods

Good news for Android smartphone users! They will finally be entitled to a feature that was the delight of iPhone owners: the easy and fast pairing of headphones in Bluetooth. Google has improved the Fast Pair function and it will now be enough to approach the box for it to be recognized. But don’t get carried away too quickly: it will initially work with certain recent models (the Google Pixel Buds at random) and certain smartphone models (including of course the Google Pixels…).

Xbox surveys its users on the strengths of the PS5’s DualSense controller

Will the Xbox turn its Xbox Elite Controller into a DualSense? It is not certain yet. But the new PS5 controller is sure to intrigue Microsoft. Its adaptive triggers and its haptic feedback that allow greater immersion in the game appeal enough to the pundits of Xbox so that the firm has started to probe its users on the subject.

WhatsApp: Facebook wants to play data fusion and it doesn’t necessarily work

From February 8, WhatsApp is implementing new terms of use regarding the use of your data by Facebook and its other platforms (Messenger and Instagram). You will have to accept the new T & Cs otherwise you will no longer be able to use the messaging service. This leads in particular to a data merger between the service and its parent company Facebook. An announcement that caused an uproar, forcing the social network to speak out and be rather reassuring for European users. For his part, Signal rubs his hands.

And also…

Samsung has confirmed its Galaxy Unpacked event for January 14. We should know a little more (in case we do not already know everything …) about the next Galaxy S21. Xiaomi has already launched two smartphones, the Redmi Note 9 and Redmi 9T.

And next week is actually virtual CES 2021. You can find all the information in our file dedicated to the event.

Video of the week: what to expect from 2021?

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You can find here the article on all the innovations that we expect in 2021.

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