Thursday, March 4

expect more electric motorcycles in the future

By creating a division specially dedicated to electrics, Harley-Davidson shows its ambitions in terms of trendy motorcycles. There is no doubt that the iconic brand will expand its catalog in the coming years.

Until recently, some believed Harley-Davidson was dying in the electric motorcycle market. And yet, the five-year plan recently presented by the Milwaukee firm tends to prove the opposite. Or at least to calm the ardor of some. Because despite the financial difficulties observed – The Rewire program aims to save $ 115 million per year – HD is not giving up.

Big investments to come

As the relay Electrek, CEO Jochen Zeitz unveiled a brand new program by the name of The Hardwire. The idea: to invest between 190 and 250 million dollars per year in both thermal and electric motorcycles. The group on the other side of the Atlantic goes even further and announces the creation of an autonomous division specially dedicated to electricity.

Jochen Zeitz declared:

The creation of a new independent division will offer full autonomy for the development of electric vehicles[…], so that it can act with the same agility and speed as a tech start-up. All this while leveraging the support, expertise and supervision of the group.

It should be understood here that Harley-Davidson intends to continue its projects of trendy motorcycles in the coming years. And that new models are likely to appear in the catalog in the more or less near future. Proof also that the electric is undeniably part of the small papers of the brand, and this despite its financial woes.

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