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Available since Thursday, the PS5 finally arrives among French players. Configuration, PS4 data transfer and installation tips: we take a look at what not to miss at startup.

The PlayStation 5 officially arrived in France this Thursday, November 19. And the first to have it pre-ordered will be able to recover their precious.

Once unpacked (we invite you to watch our video of what to expect), you just have to install the console. We guide you to have a successful first day.

Make room around the TV

Although it is visibly smaller than expected, the PlayStation 5 is quite bulky, as we showed you in video. It will therefore be necessary to provide space to install it near your screen. It is especially its ventilation that it is necessary to know how to preserve and, for that, Sony slips some recommendations to optimize the installation as much as the use:

  • Leave at least 10 cm between the console and a wall.
  • Do not place the console on a carpet or long staple carpet.
  • Do not place the console in a narrow or cramped space.
  • Do not cover the console with fabric.
  • Do not allow dust to accumulate on the air vents. Use a vacuum cleaner to prevent dust from building up.
La PlayStation 5

The PlayStation 5 // Gamesdone: Frandroid / Arnaud GELINEAU

Locking the PS5 in your TV cabinet is obviously not a bright idea. It can be placed in a horizontal position, not forgetting to position the base provided so that it is well stabilized.

Installation time

No need for a 4K TV (although it’s better with)

The new Sony console promises 8K, but luckily that doesn’t mean you have to have an 8K TV screen to enjoy it. Even a 4K screen is not required. The PS5 supports 720p, 1080i, 1080p, and 2160p resolutions. It will be able to display resolutions up to 4K UHD (2160p) with a 4K TV.

Obviously, if you have an 8K screen, do yourself a favor! But we’ll have to wait for a future system update for the PS5 to display resolutions up to 8K, with compatible software and content.

If you had a PS4 and you often thought, out of laziness, to take your PS5 and connect it to your TV via the connectors (power supply and HDMI cable) of the old model which are compatible, think twice. In any case, opt instead for the HDMI cable that comes with the new PlayStation. This is an HDMI 2.1 that supports 4K 120 Hz (on a compatible TV screen), which your old HDMI cable will not do if it is not specified “Ultra High Speed” on it.

Configure your console

First thing to do for safety if you had a PS4: have it handy to switch your data to the PS5 and prepare a LAN cable if you have one available.

We have explained to you how to save your PS4 data before possibly reselling your console to take advantage of the news. This can be useful for smoothly transferring your data to the PS5.

By launching the PS5 console, we must admit that the path is perfectly marked for a successful configuration. You will find in our test of the PS5 all the detailed explanation.

  • Connect the DualSense controller using the USB-Type C cable to the console and press the PS button.
  • Follow the adjustment procedure.
  • Connect or create your PSN account during the process or via the PS App on your smartphone / tablet.
PlayStation App

PlayStation App

  • Secure your account by SMS or with two-factor authentication.

As soon as you can, be sure to turn off the “Reading on screen” that will appear. Otherwise, you risk being accompanied during the installation by a somewhat strident female voice which details each element and each step.

Transferring data from PS4 to PS5

Sony has taken great care to make the step fairly intuitive. To make things easier, it is preferable that you have made a previous backup, locally, on a hard disk or via the cloud from your PlayStation Plus account.

To transfer your PS4 data, after doing the last console update, you have several choices:

  • Put the two consoles on the same internet network (which you can then configure in Wi-Fi)
  • Connect them with a LAN cable

Don’t be surprised, it will take a little while for your PS4 data, games and settings to transfer to the PlayStation 5, depending on which storage was occupied. The same goes for the PS5 Digital Edition.

Your console is ready to use and you have arrived on the new interface.

The settings

Having previously transferred data from the PS4, the PS5 must have kept in memory your parameters and settings, in addition to your games and backups. If you have skipped the transfer step, do not worry, it is possible to make up for it later from the settings menu of the new console.

By logging in your PlayStation Plus account if you are a subscriber, you will already be able to retrieve cloud saves. Otherwise, go to the tab Settings / System / System software / Data transfer.

Note that this will not allow all your data to be transferred as the first step during configuration is mirrored. You will get your game data for only one user profile. You will have to do the same thing again if you had several user accounts on the PS4 (the PS5 accepts up to 16).

Games to test

Your dematerialized games and DLC will then appear in the game library and in the icon bar at the top left. If you had them on disk, you will have to proceed with the reinstallation on the PS5. On the other hand, you can completely use your external hard drive containing your PS4 backups and reconnect it later to your PS4 if it still serves you. But you will not be able to store the new PS5 games there as it is not compatible with the internal SSD of the console.

If you are a PS + subscriber, don’t forget to pick up your 20 PS4 games offered in the PS + Colllection including The Last of US, God of War, Uncharted 4 : A Thief’s End et autres Fallout 4 ou Final Fantasy XV.

The PS Plus Collection service for the PS5

The PS Plus Collection service for the PS5

For other titles, we cannot recommend the PS5 version of Spider-Man : Miles Morales which takes full advantage of the adventures of the new spider man in 4K / 30 fps with ray tracing (and even 4K / 60 fps without). A nice first introduction to the possibilities offered by the power of the console.

Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales

Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales

If you are lucky enough to have a compatible TV, Devil May Cry 5 Special Edition returns in an enhanced version on the new generation. More content and especially the possibility of displaying it in 1080p / 120 Hz but without ray tracing (for that, opt for the resolution 4K / 60 fps).

Devil May Cry 5 Special Edition pour la PS5

Devil May Cry 5 Special Edition pour la PS5 // Gamesdone : Capcom

Among the exclusives specific to the PS5, there is obviously Astro’s Playroom, an excellent tutorial for the new possibilities of the DualSense controller (adaptive triggers and haptic feedback), which is also a rather fun platform game with the little robot diving into the heart of the PS5. We especially like the little nostalgia and the tribute to previous PlayStation. Bugsnax, game offered with the PS + subscription, will also delight families.

And what about the sumptuous Demon’s Souls ! A remake of the game released on PS3, breathtakingly beautiful but still so difficult to play. To be reserved for fans of the saga Dark Souls who will find there an action-RPG up to their expectations and which is a great promotion of the PS5.

Demon's Souls, a PS5 exclusive

Demon’s Souls, a PS5 exclusive

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