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everything you need to know about the future streaming service

Salto finally arrives. The streaming service carried by TF1, France TV and M6 will start on October 20. With great ambitions and offers at different prices.

This time it’s the right one. After some turmoil and a lot of delay, Salto, the streaming service made in France, is finally on the right track. As had announced Le Figaro, the video-on-demand platform formalized its arrival on October 20. We take stock of this new actor who wants to compete with Netflix and others, and who has paid for it (135 million euros invested for the period 2020-2023 alone) to succeed in making his way.

What is that ?

Salto is a subscription video-on-demand platform designed jointly by TF1, France Télévisions and M6. It competes with Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Apple TV + or even Disney + and MyCanal, but with programs from around twenty channels (TF1, France 2, France 3, France 4, M6, Paris Première, W9, Arte, Public Senate, etc.)

What will we find there?

The French streaming service has one promise: the best of both worlds. That is to say, on-demand viewing of antenna programs, original creations and access to around twenty live TV channels. Everything will be accessible from the same platform. It is intended above all for French viewers. ” Our programs are all selected according to the specific tastes of French consumers», Explains Thomas Crosson, content director of Salto, to the Figaro .

Salto will offer nearly 10,000 hours of programming when it is launched. It will feature flagship series, aerials, documentaries, entertainment, youth programs, news magazines, etc. The platform aims to be ” the largest showcase of French creation “. But the ” major brands ” as Downton Abbeyor The Handmaid’s Tale will also be offered.

The actors of the TF1 series

The actors of the TF1 series “Tomorrow belongs to us” // Gamesdone: TF1

Previews are also promised by the platform. So, They were 10 , series adapted from Ten Little Negroes of Agatha Christie, or The Pier, will first be on Salto long before appearing on M6 and TF1. Unseen episodes from flagship series like Tomorrow belongs to usor More beautiful life are also planned.

Salto has also acquired new series abroad, from Quebec to Iceland, including Belgium and even the United States. Spectators will thus discover Exit ,Looking for Alaska,Double Life or evenThis is how I love youcrazy canadian series.

How will Salto work?

Do not wait for a revolution on Salto, even if only a few bits of information have leaked out. The interface promises to be quite classic and close to other platforms (with interfaces already quite similar…). Recommendations will be made via algorithms, but also with a dose of human editorialization. It will suffice to create an individual profile or in a rather original way, by group (family, couple, friends, etc.). A classification of programs by category is also envisaged.

When is it available?

Salto will be available from October 20, 2020. The website of the service was launched recently. For the moment, it only allows you to register to be kept informed of the progress of the platform.

At what price ?

The first month of trial will be offered. Then, three non-binding subscription formulas are offered:

  • Solo: programs on one screen for 6.99 euros per month
  • Duo: simultaneous connection on two screens for 9.99 euros
  • Tribu: up to four screens for 12.99 euros.

Salto does not offer a discounted offer for a yearly subscription as is the case, for example, for Disney + (69.99 euros / year or 6.99 euros per month with four screens at the same time) or Apple TV + ( 49.99 euros / year or 4.99 euros per month). Netflix sees its monthly rates go up to 15.99 euros, but for streaming in 4K (like Disney +), which does not seem the case with Salto.

How to subscribe?

You can view the content from a PC, Mac, tablet or smartphone (iOS or Android), as well as through Apple TV and Android TV boxes. Its managers have indicated that they have not yet agreed with the operators for distribution on the TV boxes, but things are changing. But in a few months, the deployment will be on TNT in HbbTV and on certain connected televisions.

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