Wednesday, April 14

Every D&D book for 5E, from Player’s Handbook to Candlekeep Mysteries

Getting into Dungeons & Dragons 5E (5th Edition) but not sure where to start? Well, we understand that. There’s over 30 books for the tabletop roleplaying game out there – if you count both campaign adventures and sourcebooks – meaning there’s a lot to choose from. And if you’re not sure of the difference between all the different 5E books, we can explain everything you need to know.

A sourcebook is a book that’s made solely to provide players and Dungeon Masters with information that’ll help enrich their gameplay. It can offer a lot of things: new rules, races, subclasses, and even campaign settings such as the Sword Coast and Eberron, being different settings with two different tones, but both adopting the same rules.

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