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Even when he gets slapped on the fingers, SFR is still able to surprise

Caught up by the patrol and singled out for deceptive commercial practice, SFR was forced to make amends after presenting it as a clean and advantageous offer, which is in fact only a legal guarantee provided for by law. Far from being disassembled, the operator found a subterfuge not to display the condemnation in the eyes of all. But in all legality.

The message displayed by SFR on its site

The message displayed by SFR on its site // Gamesdone: Screenshot

SFR is obviously not cold in the eyes. This is somewhat the conclusion we arrive at by noting the attitude of the operator in the face of an injunction from the Departmental Directorate for the Protection of the Populations of Paris (DDPP). Between admiration of the audacity and small consternation of the practices.

Legally not yours

The organization is responsible for the protection and safety of consumers. To do this, the DDPP notably monitors the quality and safety of products and services, as well as illegal practices. And one of SFR’s sleight of hand was not to the taste of the DGCCRF antenna (Directorate General concurrence, from consumption and the repression of fraud), spotted the site Next Inpact. The latter accuses the telecom company of having to its advantage the commercial provisions provided for by law.

The Departmental Directorate for the Protection of the Populations of Paris ordered the company SFR, following a national investigation which led to the finding of various breaches and infringements, to cease the deceptive commercial practice of presenting its commercial guarantee as an offer which is specific to it, while this actually covers rights provided for by the legal guarantee of conformity.

In short: what SFR presented as generous gestures on its part to the attention of its customers, strong commitments, were in fact nothing other than the minimum provided for by law. ” A such commercial practice misleads consumers about the scope of the advertiser’s commitments and deprives them of information on their legal rights ”, notes the DDPP which has therefore taken an administrative injunction measure against SFR.

There without being there

First rule on the fingers for the company of the Altice group summoned to publish a legal publication on its site to warn its consumers. And this is where the situation peaks.

Not really determined to make amends or any other form of mea culpa, SFR has yet found a subterfuge to execute… without doing so. As one of our colleagues spotted on Twitter, the operator managed to hide the decision from the initial view, but cannot be accused of having evaded the decision. Because the message is there. It is necessaryscroller up to access it. A gesture that more than 99% of visitors should not do.

… but the method is so ugly that once discovered, the message is hidden by the site menu👿

– Benoit SALLES (@infestedgrunt) February 8, 2021

And after a few minutes, the SFR home page refreshes and returns to its initial position, removing the message from our field of vision. A smart way to get back on your feet without a scratch that commands admiration. But not sure that the DDPP does not take a very good view and does not review its sanctions so that the message is visible before being posted.

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