Saturday, September 25

even in full screen, you will no longer escape video comments


YouTube is experimenting with a new function for its mobile application, allowing you to view comments on a video, even in full screen

A YouTube video on Pixel 5

A YouTube video on Pixel 5 // Gamesdone: Arnaud Gelineau for Frandroid

Smartphones come in handy that their screen is particularly optimized for viewing videos in full screen. It must be said that by switching your screen to landscape mode, you can then enjoy the video in large format. It’s convenient for viewing content, but less so for watching other things.

This is what Google seems to have noticed about the YouTube smartphone app. Currently, we can thus watch a video in portrait mode while consulting the comments, but this use is not possible in landscape mode, since the video takes up all the space. However, Google seems to have found the solution, as Android Police noticed.

The site reports that several users have been offered the opportunity to view the comments of a video, even when they watch it in full screen on their phone. The comments are then displayed in a sliding panel, to the right of the video, allowing them to be scrolled while continuing to enjoy the content.

“Full screen, comments appear in a panel next to a miniaturized version of the video, making it possible to stay entertained by content from your favorite creators AND want to pull your hair out at the same time,” says Android Police .

A different format from chat on live videos

YouTube is far from the first platform to allow the posting of comments on the side of a video. The Twitch application has thus long displayed the chat on the side of the reader, with the possibility of reducing it. In addition, on its live videos, YouTube already displays a chat, this time on the left of the video, in transparency.

For now, this is only a test from YouTube. The function to see the video and the comments at the same time is therefore only available to a few users. Moreover, the interface could also change in the future, if the company plans to make this feature available to more users.


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