Thursday, June 24

even apps from the Play Store can be shared without internet

The Nearby Sharing feature will also allow apps from the Play Store to be shared with a nearby smartphone without using an Internet connection.

2020 was the year of several projects for Google and Android. Nearby Sharing is one of them. In French, it has been translated as “Sharing close” and all its usefulness is summarized in this name. Indeed, this option makes it possible to easily send files and photos from one smartphone to another as long as the two devices are not too far from each other.

However, the capabilities of Nearby Sharing – seen as a kind of alternative AirDrop – won’t stop there, as revealed 9to5Google. Indeed, the specialized media indicates that Nearby Sharing will work in conjunction with the Play Store so that you can share the applications installed on your smartphone with a loved one without having to connect to the Internet. To do this, the feature will redirect you to the “My games and applications” section of the Play Store where a new “Share applications” button will appear.

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In a few weeks…

Then all you have to do is select the apps to share from those installed. As a reminder, on the Play Store, the arrival of this feature had already been spotted in September. Always according to 9to5Google, the Mountain View firm would prepare a global deployment of this novelty in the “next weeks ».

For the person who will receive the application on their smartphone, they will simply have to accept the transfer. The interest would then be twofold: take advantage of a faster download and avoid consuming your envelope of mobile data.

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