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Essential alumni form OSOM and announce product for next year

Despite several attempts in recent years, there is not yet on the market a successful solution to use a smartphone in a secure manner. With its experience with Essential, the startup OSOM is relaunching the bet.

The Essential PH2 as an illustrative image

The Essential PH2 as an illustrative image

The least we can say is that Android does not rhyme with privacy. For this reason, we have seen several companies attempting to offer their alternatives to conventional smartphones. This is for example the case of the Privacy Phone, Black Phone or even the Boeing Black.

And then there was also the Essential Phone, a smartphone created by the Essential company founded by Andy Rubin, the father of Android. However, this terminal was not particularly well received. Essential went out of business earlier this year.

The birth of OSOM

The fact remains that employees intend to continue their primary mission: to make the smartphone truly private. Eight of them came together to form the startup OSOM: Out of Sight, Out of Mind.

In an interview published by Cnet, OSOM founder Jason Keats explains that one of the major issues currently concerns personal data. “Today, you cannot choose with whom and how to share your personal information. We want consumers to keep their privacy and that this data belongs to them ”, he explains.

What approach for OSOM?

Jason Keats has given no indication of the nature of the products OSOM plans to release in the future. However, he suggests that this is both a hardware and a software approach.

OSOM would have eight products in the pipeline for the next three years, including at least one at the end of 2021. The objective is obviously to position itself competitively in the face of the competition in order to find a place.

“With our products, we will not target ultra premium users but we will manufacture premium products”, explains the founder of the company without further explanation.

Qualcomm as a partner?

He adds that OSOM intends to keep its partners previously involved in Essential. This then implies the presence of Qualcomm and therefore Snapdragon chips as well as Sony sensors for the photo module.

It remains to know the nature of this product and especially the system it will adopt. The presence of Google services, although essential for the majority of users, means that data will inevitably be transmitted to the Californian giant. We remember that for the Black Phone, the SilentOS system allowed the installation of Google services while affixing a firewall on sending data.

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