Monday, January 25

Electric scooters and motorcycles can now be used on bus and taxi lanes

A new decree promulgated by the government now authorizes “two-wheelers, three-wheelers and quadricycles with electric or hydrogen engines” to circulate on bus and taxi lanes.

A small change that should greatly change the lives of users of electric scooters and motorcycles. The government has indeed published a new decree on November 20 who ” expands the list of vehicles under 3.5 tonnes with very low emissions», Can we read on Public Service.

The “Crit’air” sticker will be essential

According to the official website of the French administration, “two-wheelers, three-wheelers and quadricycles powered by electric or hydrogen engines are now considered very low-emission vehicles (VTFE). These clean motorcycles and scooters thus benefit from privileged traffic and parking conditions.»Everywhere in France, it is indicated.

Thereby, “these vehicles can now travel on lanes reserved for the circulation of public transport vehicles, taxis, carpooling vehicles and vehicles with very low emissions”, Provided that they bear the“ Crit’air ”sticker. The latter corresponds to a sticker indicating the environmental class of the vehicle.

Willingness to democratize

This thumbnail “Crit’air Is therefore considered a pass that justifies your presence on the formerly exclusive bus and taxi routes. Seeing the government adopt this measure is not trivial. As our colleagues from Numerama, this provision had been demanded by the French and the operators of electric scooters infree floating, CityScoot on the front line.

This will allow the users concerned to optimize their travel time by taking advantage of new, generally cleared lanes. A good point, which will perhaps push some undecided ones to cross the course of the electric one to benefit from such advantages.

Let us note all the same that in many places, bus lane and cycle path are one, which risks complicating the life of cyclists by adding new potentially dangerous elements and which are less noisy.

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