Wednesday, April 14

electric bikes in the government’s sights

An amendment tabled by the government would extend the premium for conversion to electric bicycles. Nothing has been done yet, but the legislative process is at least launched.

What if muscle bikes and electric bikes were entitled to an unprecedented conversion bonus? At least, this is what the government wants with regard to a new amendment tabled on March 25, 2021. Please note: an amendment does not make any legislative change and is above all a proposal for a modification of the text.

Here, the said amendment seeks to make an evolution to the energy code. ” The Government proposes to supplement this aid in 2021 to better support the development of cycling by extending the conversion bonus to people wishing to replace an old vehicle with an VAE. », We can read.

The cargo bike also concerned

The amendment goes even further by ” extending the bonus to legal entities acquiring a cargo bike », A vehicle intended in particular for families and for the transport of more or less heavy loads. Obviously, several conditions would surround this conversion bonus.

The scrapping of a polluting vehicle is one of the main conditions to be observed. As with all other existing conversion bonuses, this applies to diesel and gasoline vehicles registered before 2011 and 2006, respectively. The amount of the premium then depends on several specific criteria.

Among them, the motorization of your new vehicle (electric, plug-in hybrid, thermal classified Crit’air 1 or Crit’air 2), the price of the purchased car (less than 60,000 euros) and your reference tax income (less than or above 13,489 euros), among others. Regarding bicycles, no calculation system has yet been submitted.

Probably weak aid

At present, it is therefore impossible to know the amount allocated to the purchase of a VAE if there is a conversion premium. To give you an idea, that of an electric two-wheeler does not exceed 1100 or 100 euros depending on your reference tax income. The government could use this help to determine that of an electric bicycle.

In this case, one should probably not expect huge sums of money.

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