Tuesday, April 13

DTT not working? Where, when and how you should tune in to the television channels

The end of the old DTT frequencies is near. Throughout the year, this change has been warned, which, although simple, requires a series of steps in order not to stop watching television. If you are one of those clueless who, with all the events of this 2020, you have not remembered the Second Digital Dividend. Do not worry, you’re still on time. We explain everything you need to know and when this process will affect you. The Government needs to change the current frequencies on which DTT channels are retransmitted. It is necessary to make room for 5G mobile technology, which promises higher data transfer speeds. You will be able to download content on your mobile and use your applications much faster when the deployment is more advanced. In return, you need to retune your televisions and make some changes depending on the house you live in. First of all, do not worry because the system is very simple, the important thing is that you take into account each step and the final dates on which the change will be completed. Do you want to buy an Amazon Fire TV but you are not sure which model is better? We tell you what alternatives you have at your disposal, what are their characteristics and which model is more suitable for you. Once it is finished, if the changes have not been carried out, those lagging will be left without DTT. It is not serious, the frequencies will be waiting, when you do the whole process, the television channels will appear again. In addition, for a period of between three and six months, TV channels will broadcast on the old and new frequency (known as simulcast). You have time. Dates and territory This Second Dividend will take place between October 1, 7 and 14. On these dates, some channels will cease broadcasting on their old DTT frequencies. On October 1, the emissions ceased in Cantabria, Fuerteventura, Girona, Gran Canaria north and Gran Canaria south, Lanzarote, Lleida north and Lleida south, Murcia south, Navarra, Ourense, Palma, Pontevedra, Rioja west, Tarragona north and South Tarragona, and Tenerife. Today, October 7, the emission cessation will take place in Alicante, Ávila, Burgos north and Burgos south, Castellón, Ciudad Real, Cuenca, Guadalajara, León east, Madrid, Palencia, Salamanca, Valencia and Zamora . And finally, October 14 will be the last phase in Badajoz west, Cádiz east and west, Ceuta, Extremadura center, Jaén and Seville. Now that you know when your town is going to be, you can prepare. As we have told you, if you are late, nothing happens, the old frequencies will be kept for a reasonable time for everyone and even if you run out of channels, when you retune to the new frequencies, the television will return. We have just analyzed Sony’s OLED Master Series A9 model with a 48-inch diagonal, which is one of the models with the best image quality on the market without the need to go to diagonals of more than 55 inches like the rest of the manufacturers. What you should do It is the owners’ associations who have to manage the adaptation of the DTT signal reception systems. So, unless you are the president of your community, you do not have to worry about this issue, since your neighborhood community will have already taken care of it. After your neighborhood community has adapted the facilities, what you have to do is retune your television. Each manufacturer organizes the settings of their televisions differently. Here we leave you detailed instructions if you have a Samsung or LG TV at home.In most of them, you access the Configuration or Installation section, then select the Channel Search option and then Automatic Search or Tune in to new channels. Wait for the process to finish and the retune will be ready.


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