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Download the travel certificate on smartphone, PDF and Word in March 2021

Since March 20, the rules have changed in France. If you are in a confined department, you need a certificate to travel beyond 10 kilometers around your home. In all other departments, you will also need a certificate during the curfew from 7 p.m.

Prime Minister Jean Castex just announced new restrictions in some regions during a press conference on Thursday, March 18, 2021. Several regions and departments, such as Île-de-France, Hauts-de-France, Eure, Seine-Maritime and Alpes-Maritimes are re-defined for a period of 4 weeks from Friday March 19, 2021. More precisely, on the night of March 19 to 20.

This light confinement prohibits travel outside the departments, except for compelling and professional reasons. Despite this confinement, it will be possible to leave home without a time limit, but only during the day, within a radius of 10 kilometers and with a certificate.

There is also a curfew imposed at 7 p.m. throughout France.. If you are forced to travel between 7 p.m. and 6 a.m., you will therefore still need to carry a certificate.

Below, you will find most of the links and documents important for the attestation. The steps to follow to access a digital version of thetravel certificate Covid-19 to be presented to the security forces during a check, but also certificates in PDF and Word format to download and print.

Note that the certificate is no longer mandatory during the day, outside of the 10 kilometers around your home, if you have proof of address with you.

Where can I find the digital attestation generator?

The government digital attestation generator is available at this address:

Access the government’s digital attestation generator
Access the certificate generator for curfew

It is also possible to use the TousAntiCovid application which you can download here. The application records your data so that you can easily generate certificates that have already been completed, for which you just need to enter the reason for the trip.

Don’t forget to bringan ID.

Then, instead of official documents, we offer you a clear derogatory certificate which was designed by CovidTracker, a site set up by Guillaume Rozier. This document is unofficial, however it remains completely legal. It allows you to better understand all the rules in force without making a mistake.

Access the unofficial CovidTracker attestation

Also be careful to only use these forms, there are fake forms whose purpose is to collect your personal data.

How to add the digital certificate generator to the home page of your smartphone?

On Android and iPhone, you can add a shortcut to quickly access the digital attestation generator. We explain how to do it here.

Where can I download the certificate in PDF or Word format?

Obviously, you can still use the paper version. To download the travel certificate in PDF or Word format, use the following certificates:

Confined areas

Curfew areas

Also, don’t forget to take your ID.

Where can I download the certificate or proof of school travel?

If you have to accompany your child, you will need a proof of school trip. You can download it from the link below:

Download the professional travel document in PDF format
Download the business travel document in Word format

Which departments are confined?

  • Pas de Calais
  • North
  • Sum
  • Oise
  • Seine Maritime
  • Your
  • Alpes-Maritimes
  • Aisne
  • Paris (75)
  • Seine-et-Marne (77)
  • Yvelines (78)
  • Essonne (91)
  • Hauts-de-Seine (92)
  • Seine-Saint-Denis (93)
  • Val-de-Marne (94)
  • Val-d’Oise (95)

How to sign a certificate from your Android or iOS smartphone

You will need the Adobe Acrobat Reader application. Log in or create an account then open the certificate in PDF format. For that :

  1. Click on the Files button;
  2. Allow the app to access the files on your device;
  3. Find the correct PDF file in the list.

You can then complete it by clicking on the fields to be filled in or the check box. To finish, click on the pencil icon at the bottom right of the screen, choose the option ” Complete and sign », Then click on the fountain pen at the bottom of the screen. You can then create a signature to position where you want on the page.

Note that once the document is signed and saved, you can edit its fields, but not the signature. You would need to download the blank document again.

How to write a certificate on plain paper?

If you do not have the option of printing a certificate, here is what you need to do to write the reduced certificate on plain paper:

  • We must integrate this first sentence: In application of the general measures necessary to deal with the epidemic of covid-19 within the framework of the state of health emergency;
  • Enter your surname, first name, date and place of birth and your current address;
  • Fill in the field corresponding to the reason for your exit and tick the box. You only have to write the reason for your exit and not the seven reasons;
  • Fill in the field ” Made in : »With the name of your city;
  • Indicate the date of the day of your exit and the time of your exit;
  • Signer.

Remember to take your ID with you.

Where can I download the certificate or proof of business trip?

If you have to go to your place of work, your employer should give you aproof of business trip.You can download it from the link below:

Download the professional travel document in PDF format
Download the business travel document in Word format

What is the travel certificate used for and what are the reasons for travel?

To mitigate the effects of the coronavirus pandemic, the government has decided to take drastic measures in terms of quarantine, in order to avoid overloading health establishments; currently, these operate in just-in-time and fear that they will no longer be able to accommodate all the patients.

The first risk you take in going out is health: you risk being potentially infected, but you also risk infecting other people by being carriers of the virus, even without knowing it. In short, the use of this travel certificate must be very specific.

It is necessary a certificate to each person who wishes to travel outside their home, here are the possible reasons:

  • Travel between home and the place of exercise of professional activity or an educational or training establishment, professional travel that cannot be postponed, travel for a competition or examination.
  • Travel to purchase supplies necessary for professional activity, essential purchases3 in establishments whose activities remain authorized, order pick-up and home deliveries.
  • Consultations, examinations and care that can neither be provided remotely nor deferred and the purchase of medication.
  • Travel for compelling family reasons, for assistance to vulnerable and precarious people or childcare.
  • Displacement of people with disabilities and their companions.
  • Judicial or administrative summons and to go to a public service
    Participation in missions of general interest at the request of the administrative authority
    Travel to pick up children from school and during their extracurricular activities.

Is the travel certificate compulsory?

Yes, the certificate is mandatory in confined departments and during the curfew. This exceptional travel certificate is for single use. It must be dated, signed and with the time of leaving the home to be mentioned at the bottom of the document in the space indicated. Finally, it is personal.

What is the risk of leaving without a certificate?

If you leave without an exit certificate or without a valid reason, you risk a fine: at least 135 euros in the event of an inspection (increased to 375 euros in the event of non-payment or non-dispute within the time limit indicated on the notice of violation), 200 euros in the event of the first recurrence within 15 days. If you have a disability, you can use the exceptional travel certificate in simplified French (FALC).

  • First sanction: a fine of 135 euros, increased to 375 euros (in the event of non-payment or non-dispute within the time limit indicated on the notice of violation)
  • In the event of a repeat offense within 15 days: a fine of 200 euros, increased to 450 euros (in the event of non-payment or non-dispute within the time limit indicated on the notice of violation)
  • After 3 offenses in 30 days: a fine of 3,750 euros punishable by 6 months imprisonment.

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