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Dott to launch in Paris to compete with Jump (Lime)

Already operational in Paris with its fleet of self-service electric scooters, the start-up Dott is diversifying by launching in March 2021 a fleet of trendy bicycles. Jump (Lime) will therefore no longer be alone in the niche.

Little by little, the bird makes its nest. Dott, a start-up based in Amsterdam but founded by two French entrepreneurs, has great ambitions in terms of electric mobility. The operator selected by the City of Paris – alongside TIER and Lime – to deploy a fleet of 5,000 electric scooters is seeking to expand its field of action. How? ‘Or’ What ? By entering the niche of trendy bikes.

In a blog post, the start-up formalizes the deployment of its first self-service electric bike in London at first, followed by Paris in March 2021, specifies The Parisian. In total, 500 models will take to the streets of the capital. The park should grow up to 2,000 vehicles in the spring, with the approval of the municipality.

Aesthetic efforts

The genesis of the project dates back to 2018. After two years of development, the first Dott electric bike comes out of the ground and takes up the aesthetic codes of the brand: a palette of colors juggling between yellow, blue and green which has the merit of attracting the look. To each his own tastes and colors, but this choice still gives it a nice side.

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Assembled in Portugal, the Dott bike has one notable feature: a one-piece die-cast aluminum frame. In fact, the absence of welding reinforces its smooth and minimalist appearance. The transmission housed in the frame participates in this aesthetic dance, as does the absence of apparent cable. Let’s dare words: the bike has character for a two-wheeler in free-floating.

If the press release does not specify the autonomy of the bikes, Maxim Romain, director of operations at Dott, provides the beginning of an answer in the columns of the Parisian. « We have equipped the bike with a removable battery to double the capacity of scooters. Our mobile teams will have to change them half as often», It is written.

The range of action of Dott scooters is not very clear – between 35 and 50 kilometers according to the sources -, but it is not the most important element for the user either, who will naturally turn to loaded vehicles. . On the other hand, it is a good point for ” juicers », For whom the recharging mission will be less recurring.

Weighing just under 30 kilos, the Dott bike is equipped with an LCD screen to display the battery level and speed, 26-inch wheels, a GPS and a lock integrated into the wheel back. Always according to The Parisian , the cost of a trip will be based on the price list for scooters, i.e. 1 euro for unlocking, then 20 cents per minute.

Jump (Lime) vs Dott: first advantage, on paper

The induction of Dott on the Parisian market marks a small turning point: fallen into the hands of Lime last May, the Jump service (former activity of Uber) will no longer appear as one and only player. Dott has strengths to showcase here and clients to seek out in light of the success of soft mobility in Paris.

Jump, however, has two advantages up its sleeve: a more aggressive rate of 15 cents per minute, and double visibility within the Uber and Lime mobile applications. To get around more economically by bicycle, users can always turn to Vélib ‘, although they do not constitute afree-floatingstrictly speaking – since dependent on physical stations.

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