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Don’t Touch The Spikes – Scratchgames

Don’t Touch The Spikes – Scratchgames

The IOS and Android have new Flappyesque. (flappy bird) game which is “Don’t Touch The Spikes ”. The game technique is to jump off the walls without dying or without touching the wall.

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It becomes difficult when your bird speed gets faster and faster you feel trouble when your speed is fast even in fast speed your bird can die.

 Instructions for the beginners for Don’t Touch The Spikes

Let me tell you the spikes in the game become more and larger and walls become smaller and much smaller in size so with faster speed and these issues your bird can die.

You have to maintain your concentration levels while you are playing don’t touch the spikes birds because of this your score level will probably start to drop. 

You can play this game online in many sites; this game rating is so perfect many computers and phone are broke off because of this game. Don’t touch the spikes is unblocked.

Don't Take Spike

You can play easily if you are fond of this game.

Download Don’t Touch The Spikes is an arcade game.

It offers a different type of gameplay. It is simple gameplay with attractive and addicting features. Don’t Touch The Spikes is downloaded by many of users.

IOS users downloaded don’t touch the spikes game approximately millions of download and its rating is 4.4.

The total downloads in Android are also having millions of users. 

In game scores In the long run for Don’t Touch The Spikes

The scores will start to get hacked and hacked scores will fly up all over the game center; however, that has not occurred yet.

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When it does, you will know which ones are the genuine ones by how sensible they appear. Scores in the millions are deceptive.

I’m assured of that the scores in the low 1,000s and high 900s are likely genuine.

The high score of Don’t Touch The Spikes is not more than 160. If you found out high score then yes they all have used don’t touch the spikes cheats. Those cheats include; so don’t go for simple birds you can directly collect 2,500 candies to unlock the best bird. 

 Strategies The new version of don’t touch the spikes have added candies; you can buy and find candies to buy new birds.

I have to tell you that, in front of spikes candies will not show up.

Don't Take Spike

 Hit the smallest flat areas if you want to practice your jumping the ones that are just a single or two spaces wide with spikes on either side. The practice of hitting this will surely make you perfect. 

Important information for Don’t Touch The Spikes

You can play Don’t Touch The Spikes mod apk Mod includes diamonds and candies. You can download this apk mod for android online and you can play.

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Its apk is present online

You’ll have the capacity to discover hex code to control the properties of the spikes on the dividers, or what number of spikes shows up.

 You ought to likewise have the capacity to locate the high score settings, so you can just set the score to whatever absurd number you want. Game-play

If you want to play the game in old version you can also play it, you have to go to the candy store and you have to hit the disable candies after this you can play in the old version.

The difficulty stops expanding, so all that is left to do is to center around concentrating.

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Loss of concentration is the one thing that destroys almost each and every gamer and causes terrible misfortunes.

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