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Does Starlink’s satellite Internet offer make you dream?

We learned this week that Starlink, Elon Musk’s Internet satellite program, is coming to France. But does this offer make you dream or does it leave you indifferent?

This week, we learned that Starlink, SpaceX’s satellite Internet offer, was coming to France. Already available across the Atlantic in closed beta, the service allows everyone to enjoy an Internet connection of up to 150 Mb / s simply by installing a satellite dish in their home.

In fact, it is therefore not necessary to be connected to optical fiber or to take advantage of a VDSL2 connection to benefit from very good speeds. The main advantage of Starlink over other already existing satellite Internet offers – one thinks for example of Nordnet or SkyDSL – is the number of satellites already in orbit. Starlink already has 2,000 around the earth and aims to grow to 12,000.

However, satellite Internet is not without its flaws, starting with the price of the entrance ticket. Unlike a fiber subscription, generally around 40 euros per month, satellite packages can easily go up to 50 euros per month for an unlimited data offer, but more limited in speed than fiber. At Starlink, the offer launched in beta across the Atlantic costs 99 euros per month for a speed significantly higher than those of the competitors. Note that Elon Musk has already announced that it wants to double the speed of its offer to offer a speed of up to 3000 Mb / s.

In fact, Starlink is therefore not intended for everyone and mainly comes as a troubleshooting solution for fiber or VDSL2. The offer will be especially advantageous in rural areas which do not yet benefit from a very high speed wired connection.

Starlink, a project that makes you dream?

In this context, we wanted to have your opinion on the future that seems to be emerging for Starlink. Do you believe in the future of this satellite Internet offer, even if it is not for you? Or are the technical or price limits still too high for the offer to appeal to you? That’s what we want to know in our survey of the week.


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