Tuesday, March 9

Do you plan to quit WhatsApp for another messaging service?

For a week, the controversy has been raging against the new conditions of use of WhatsApp. Certain competing services have thus gained many users. Are you one of the users who left WhatsApp? Let us know in our poll of the week.

WhatsApp, Messenger and Instagram

WhatsApp, Messenger and Instagram applications // Gamesdone: Frandroid

Last week, we learned that Whatsapp had updated its terms of use. Enough to allow other services of the Facebook group to access certain data collected on the messaging service.

Since then, WhatsApp has tried to reassure its users by indicating that the elements of the conversations would not be consulted by Facebook, that this data will not be shared for European users or that the update would only concern companies seeking to link their stores on WhatsApp and Facebook or Instagram.

But the damage was already done. A competing messaging app from WhatsApp, Signal, reported last week that it received a huge number of new registrations, so much so that it quickly found itself the most downloaded app in many countries, including France. It must be said that WhatsApp is far from the only messaging application using an encryption system. In addition to Signal, we can also mention Telegram, offering similar functions.

Are you going to quit WhatsApp for another messaging service?

But after more than a week of widespread WhatsApp opt-out, we wanted to know what happened to you. Have you left WhatsApp for another messaging service? Do you continue to use the Facebook platform or are you just not using it? This is our poll of the week.


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