Monday, January 18

Divacore presents the Nudes, true wireless headphones with a discreet design

Divacore has unveiled a new line of headphones, the Nudes. These are distinguished by their discreet design thanks to colors inspired by skin tones.

The new Nudes headphones from Divacore

The new Nudes headphones from Divacore // Gamesdone: Divacore

Divacore is no stranger to true wireless headphones. The French manufacturer has already launched its Nomad, Nomad +, Antipods, then Antipods². Now, it is a new range of headphones that the manufacturer offers with the Nudes, officially unveiled this Tuesday.

The Divacore Nudes are in-ear and true wireless headphones. These are fairly standard headphones at first glance with touch controls allowing you to change tracks, pause the music or adjust the volume with long presses on the left or on the right. The headphones are also Bluetooth 5.0 compatible, with AAC and SBC codecs, and can be individually connected to a smartphone. There is therefore no need to necessarily use both at the same time.

Headphones adapted to different skin colors

On the battery side, Divacore announces an autonomy of four hours per earphone, with a total of 15 hours using the charging box. This is charged using a USB-C socket and is rather compact. It should also be noted that the Divacore Nudes are IPX4 compatible and that they will therefore resist splashing or perspiration, but not immersion in water.

The new Nudes headphones from Divacore

The new Nudes headphones from Divacore // Gamesdone: Divacore

But what distinguishes Divacore Nudes the most from the rest of the market is their design. If the overall shape of the headphones remains rather classic, by exceeding quite visibly from the ear, the colors offered by the French manufacturer are intended to be much more original. Here, Divacore does not offer white, black or blue, but colors inspired by skin tones. Four colors are offered, with iconic bronze, perfect choco, seductive coral and wild peach. Enough to adapt to most skin tones.

Divacore’s Nudes headphones are available at a price of 69 euros, in the four colors shown.

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